Osprey Cam Highlights 2016

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Osprey Cam Highlights 2016 4.5
video editing by Peter Turcik

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Only one chick survived among 3! One chick felt down and died when it was newly born. One didn't hatch!

Author — 한Jennifer


Thanks for making this video. The first time I watched a process of many emotions like this. tears for the lofty sacrifice of the father and mother. Thank mother for borning and raising me to grow up 😭😭😭😭

Author — Bích Chi


This platform is the worst !!!! Very inestable and small. it should be fixed

Author — Reet Virk


Your grease is very hard.eggle empty wood stand for eggle nest

Author — 3am Natural


This platform is the worst!!!! Very inestable and small. It should be fixed.

Author — MissK


Soy el único comentario español aquí me apeno mucho en el minuto 3:31

Author — Dj Goh


i think ..
mene suna he ki ye jitne egg dete he utne hi month barish hoti he kya ye sach he aur na hi kabi inke egg dobte he kitni barish kyo na ho jaye please reply

Author — Rachna Mishra


Diosvvengigava a todos los q cuidanblos animalitos

Author — Arturo Castillo


حرمات اوعلي راحن والبيضه طاحت بالماي 😢👌

Author — احمد العراقي


This is amazing mother nature takes over

Author — Abdul


Owl cause that are fish eater...and owl eats mostly everything...plus this kind of bird can't see at night they are day time hunters and owls has like a cats eyes and plus Owls become smarter by turning there neck to 360 and be able to see at night and no other birds can do that

Author — Kotol Tokol


holy crap, parent under attacked at nite?! and why 1 chick lost?

Author — kkkkjjjjjeeee


bazz ka bacha kah melega awar katnepa

Author — Abid Ullah


ทำไมไปสร้างกลางแจ้งขนาดนั้น ไม่กลัวแดดกลัวลมกลัวฝนหรอออ

Author — FYNN