A Plane Crashes After Takeoff in the Heart of Miami

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A Plane Crashes After Takeoff in the Heart of Miami 4.5
Fine Air Flight 101 departs from Miami International Airport on August 7, 1997 en route to the Dominican Republic. Shortly after take-off, the plane loses control and crashes, right in the middle of Miami.

From the Series: Air Disasters: Deadly Pitch

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I have a sick, and unhealthy obsession with all these air accident investigation/air disaster videos. 🤣

Author — electronicsNmore


Crazy how that camera man stayed with them the whole time

Author — Samson Ngoma


Calling the insurance company:”My car was hitted by an airplane”
Insurance company: “Stop joking”

Author — Jinge Liu


RIP to the 3 man crew and security guard on board. They will be missed.

Author — EthanLOOツ


What would I not want to hear when in a stressful situation?


THAT voice is terrifying

Author — Nathaniel


Me: *about to fly with airplane first time in my life*
Youtube recommendation: *I'm about to end this mans whole career*

Author — Petar Ninkovic


I was a dispatcher for fine Air when this happened. The cargo pallets were not properly secured and they rolled back on to an empty position. This moved the center of gravity outside the envelope and the airplane stalled. The loss of airspeed caused the outboard engines to stall as well. The crew did not have neither power nor altitude to recover.

Author — Jorge Gonzalez


Can you imagine being in one of those cars and seeing that plane skidding across the highway?

Author — Michele Pohl


Wow they removed the 'it is brighter here' outro

Author — Unnamed


The last thing that I would never want to hear is "Too Low, Terrain" or "Pull up"

Author — The Most Subscribed Egg on Youtube


Imagine driving down the road and looking out the window to see a jet coming at you. Do you swerve or let jesus take the wheel at that point

Author — John Quist


Why do all the pilots look like they got hella beef with each other

Author — Bibsy The Cotton Elf


i've watched so many airplane crashes these days, i swear the "pullup, terrain and too low" notifications keep popping up in my ears, ugh...they r so scary

Author — 猫ちゃん


I was 12 years old and about 5 miles away, hanging out at a friend's house when we heard what we thought was a car tire popping or a car accident. We ran out but didn't see anything and went back inside. A few minutes later we were told a plane crashed and could see the smoke plume in the distance. I heard it happen and didn't realize it at that moment.

Author — Corpsnerd09


The scariest sounds pilots would ever hear is the warning sounds

Author — gamermo


"Hey, we're looking for an actor to play a pilot for a re-enactment of a disaster." "Hey, mom, I got an acting job!"

Author — bjfdog


Why is there flames coming out of the engine if it was a cargo issue

Author — Sam Sanderson


Glad it wasn't loaded with a hundred passengers.

Author — Jaime Lopez


What about the one that nose dived into the everglades. RIP

Author — B G


Is it just me or do the pilots look really cool

Author — psr452