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Just chilling... 5

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♫ Tracklist ♫
01:50 BLVK. - downhill
03:14 DeKobe - Stars In The Forest
05:05 KUPLA - labrador
09:13 biosphere - matcha latte
11:03 I eat Plants for a living x Kendall Miles - Abstrackstion
12:38 charlie rain - nodifferent.
15:08 saib. - space cowboy
17:57 Nujabes - Shiki No Uta ft MINMI (Levox Remix)
20:49 Oui lele - this morning
23:25 mr. hong - here
27:35 .anxious. - Thank You Dilla
30:06 dawl - verde
31:02 hazy year - starstuff
32:56 elijah who - morning bump
34:10 ok2222 - lazy days feat. oofoe
35:29 TWIGS - disposable
36:51 XNimVn - Sunny Day
39:26 Moo Latte - Gossip
41:26 krylic - Notorious
44:04 osta - free
47:00 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Song of the Samurai
50:31 Chinsaku - Sunset
55:31 Sky.High - 18-49
56:30 didi crazy - shooting star
57:52 tbyalx - Hold on 2
01:00:04 hakaiuse - soft breeze

* Exclusive (unreleased)

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Author — Aruarian Music


Man looking at those three brings me tears to my eyes... Samurai Champloo was one of the most beautiful and amazing journey I've seen.

Author — vide0gameCaster


Who else came here because of Samurai shamploo

Author — Rexen Prime


It's cool that someone really far away could be chilling to the same music as me at this very moment

Author — DiamondSaf


Its this kind of music that makes me feel comfortable with being alone.

Author — Slyfri


Music while you take a break from finding the Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers.

Author — Jeff Rourke


ever feel stressed? listen to this with some headphones, get out of the house, walk around and admire your surroundings. You don't need drugs or alcohol to fill your needs... just walk n chill with some banger tunes

Author — Tupito Saofai


The way this started, is beautiful..I immediately got nostalgic chills...not of a particular moment or memory, just pure nostalgia. This is beautiful. Thank you for this. And thank you Nujabes.

(I have not yet watched Samurai champloo though, but it's next)

Author — CFreecss


I wish there was a huge zoom call where we could all just listen to lofi live streams and chill

Author — Textbook Boxing


17:57 I refuse to be a product of my environment
And be a product of determination
I’ll turn everyone’s doubt and hate
Into an energy to unite all nations

Author — eduardo flores


I love it man. Samurai Champloo makes it that much better.

Author — Phillip


Samurai Champloo is an incredible unforgetable journey, what a ride.

Author — Luís


i just experienced ego death where it felt like i spent an eternity, and i forgot who i was while there and now im so confused. i almost committed suicide a few days ago before the ego death as well.. feels like years of my life have been wasted on the computer (well no, that actually really just happened). i never want to come back, not even just one more time. i want to get a job and become independent from my parents and stop causing them grief. its crazy how there's literally another reality, full of insanity and hurtful people, all on the internet. the internet should really be used as a tool to live and help people, and not as a source of entertainment, and ESPECIALLY not for trolling and putting people down with hardly coherent thoughts, though i think nearly all of us are guilty. i would like to apologize to everyone id ever trolled, even if the people i've wronged never come to this comments section, i'm so so sorry. people are ruthless out here and it's time we wake up and get away from this hell. if this cheers anyone up and helps them move on with their lives, as i plan to do for myself right now i'd be very happy. please for the love of God let us help ourselves. have a good night and stay strong =)

Author — Konopko Kolorek


Saw Samurai Champloo on the mix thumbnail and just knew, this was gonna be a good one...

Author — Muse 1776


I really need to get around to watching samurai

Author — TheManOnEarth



Author — Jordan Popovitch


The song at 27:40 contains a snippit of Samurai Champloo. It's Jin...I think speaking to Fuu or the prostitute he's in love with

Author — rtfggj


Imagine this.

The sun can either be setting slowly, or maybe it’s the middle of the day. No city sounds for a good mile as your sitting on the side of the hill with buddies or people who enjoy this type of music. Getting to know each other and such as well as just sitting and staring off into the blue of the sky or the endless grass. The wind is blowing against the grass to give off that feeling. Your just laying back, chilling to this music on someone’s phone and just enjoying the scenery.

Now this is on my bucket list, I want to do this with a group of people.

Author — Eric


It's been years of listening to these mixes. There was an amazing one I really loved, had this image of a cat sitting on the dashboard of a car looking out at the rain. Gramatik's Muy Tranquilo came on about halfway through and it really hooked me on the whole genre.

I would love to hear that mix again, but I think it's gone from youtube forever. If you know the one I'm talking about, and know where I can find it, I would be so grateful.

Author — smorrebrod


Will always be an absolute favorite.

Author — Roiben Blitz