Synopsys Sentaurus Sprocess

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NPN Transistor is simulated using Sprocess and visualized using svisual.

Mohamed Torky

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Really very helpful video, Thank you sir.I have designed a nMOS in S process but while trying to simulate in S device to get IdVg curve it is showing the error like: Reading grid 'NMOS_fps.tdr' ...
coordinate system: DFISE, 2d_dfise (y is device down direction, 3d extension right-handed)
use coordinate system as is (no transformation)
TDR format
Number of grid points is 5384.

Adding interfaces and contacts ...
Tried to use non-existing contact `drain' !
kindly help sir

Author — Pramod Martha


thank you for your video. But i'd like ask some questions: every time when i simulate a device using sprocess ,y direction should be device down and x is device surface parallel and i did it well, but when i use svisual to load the _fps.tdr file, in became that y is device surface parallel and x is device down, which is opposite with what i supposed!! can you give me a answer? best wish.

Author — Encapsulation F


the video is really if it had English subtitles that would have been really for the video

Author — Ganesh Prasad B K


do you have any link from sentaurus tcad or silvaco in Linux??thank you

Author — Dariush Madadi


My project is RLC Signal Integrity Analysis of High-Speed Global Interconnects. Can I get the required tools.
Raphael RC2 capacitance and RI3 fre-
quency-dependent inductance and resistance extraction tools .
And how can I get this Sentaurus Software.
Please help.
Thank you.

Author — Vamsi Mudila


السلام عليكم اخي محمد من فضلك اعطيني ايميل اريد ان اسألك في sentaurus

Author — EZZA Aomar


Help me please find TCAD Sentarurus 2012 for free?

Author — Qais Thanon