Jeff Sessions Bids Stephen Adieu

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Jeff Sessions Bids Stephen Adieu 5

Stephen is forced to say goodbye to the former Attorney General and cookie with the most appearances on the Late Show, Jeff Sessions.

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I can't wait for them to make a movie about this administration

Author — Kapil Morrison


Sessions was fired so he could make it to the North Pole in time to help with preparations for the holidays.

Author — Lab Matt


Cut Mueller's budget?
Time for GoFundMe and Patreon!

Author — grodhagen


More obstruction by Trump, I want to see how much money trump owes the Russians and what the going rate is for treason

Author — Laurie Glantz


Trump almost making it look as if he were.... Guilty of something?

Author — LivB


One damn day after the mid-terms, and Trump has completely unraveled at the thought of us getting back to a government of checks and balances. He was a mumbling idiot today.

Author — Sha Shee


This administration is a weird combination of house of cards and forest gump...

Author — Brovahkiin


That’s not Jeff Sessions!! That’s that imposter again! Everyone knows Sessions is vanilla fudge filled. Not chocolate!

Author — FaeQueenCory


I hope the last 2 years have prepared you all for the real shit. You think things were tense before just wait...

Author — Inquisitive Cameron


I hope Sessions spills the beans to Mueller quick!

Author — Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!


I have a feeling things are about to get a little more interesting... buckle up people.

Author — Scipius


It's also worth noting that there is a lot of irony in this...He illegally replaced the USAG with someone who isn't valid for the job because he wasn't previously confirmed by the Senate, which he illegally obstructed justice by firing Jeff Sessions for obvious personal reasons because Sessions wouldn't abuse his position to obstruct the investigation into the way Trump's campaign illegally colluded with Russia to win the election. After all that, I saw a senator today who publicly pondered, "We MIGHT be heading toward a constitutional crisis." Gee, ya think!?!

Author — Earl


Did anyone one else see that disaster of a trump press conference today? Wow, looked like someone woke up on the wrong side of the House 😂

Author — Knives


Sessions' firing has me worried about Mueller's investigation, and also that we aren't going to see Kate McKinnon's brilliant portrayal of him any longer.

Author — Speak the Truth


Trump is unraveling because it looks like the Dems will gain about 35 seats in the House and will be able to call him on his BS. After a complicit Republican party doing absolutely doing nothing at all, Trump finally must answer to the people! Love how Colbert takes down Trump! LOL

Author — Edward Brewington


Sessions was the 1st Republican Senator to come out and endorse Trump for president.  He even became one of Trump's advisors, and joined Trump's team on the campaign trail. And this is how Trump rewards him. Sessions is learning what all the other former Trump sycophants have learned, and what they've all learned is that a pathological narcissist like Trump has no friends, he only has people who have not worn-out their usefulness to him yet. Trump feels no loyalty to anyone other than himself.  Sessions will now take his place underneath that now crowded and cramped proverbial Trump bus. So slide over Cohen, and make some room for Jeff Session, his tiny frame shouldn't take up too much space.

Author — David J


There is some logic to the 'damaging to the country' statement. After all, it would be admitting that a lecherous carpetbagger somehow got in the White House which could be internationally embarrassing ... if it weren't for the fact that the WHOLE world already knows this.

Author — Radwulf Eboraci


Sessions got what he deserves after all these years of his oppression. Good riddance and may history record him as Trump's punk.

Author — Greg Raines


"Harmful to the president, and by extension, to the country"

He's a President, not the King.

Author — DarkSoulSama


The new attorney general will try to interfere in the Russia investigation and either the Republicans will finally need to intervene and stop Trump from obstructing justice or we'll need to accept that we no longer live in a Democracy. Anyone who still supports Trump: If you want to live in a country where the ruler can stop investigations into himself, perhaps you should move to Russia or North Korea.

Author — J R