AKAI GX-4000D: Open Reel Deck Demo - Golden Age of Hi-Fi

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AKAI GX-4000D: Open Reel Deck Demo - Golden Age of Hi-Fi. The deck shown with awesome AKAI metal reels.

AKAI GX-4000D is a legendary open reel tape deck from the end of 70's. Stunning looks, especially if equipped with original AKAI metal reels. Beautiful stereo with excellent exterior and cool AKAI metal reels. Excellent specimen of the Golden Age of Japanese Hi-Fi Stereo.

This is the unit I've restored in January of 2014. Restoration included:
- upgraded side panels
- new mechanical counter installed
- new counter belt installed
- left table assembly replaced
- cleaned, lubed, de-oxidized, de-magnetized
- recording level adjusted and tuned

Playback and recording tested, great results. SOLD.

I'm a vintage hi-fi restoration enthusiast. I've fixed and restored many older stereos. I am happy that these devices have a second chance to make people happy.

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That's what's wonderful about vintage HiFi equipment, you get to see it spin, you don't get the same entertainment watching I.E.D. timing equipment counting minutes and seconds on a phone or MP3 player. My father made a few ROUND mixtapes on that model of machine from LP records, they can capture the whole sound of an entire era at 3-3/4 inches per second, about 3 hours and 12 minutes on an 1800 foot reel. Remember kids, before there were square mixtapes, they had round mixtapes.

Author — Brent Fisher


Such a beautiful machine! Can't wait to get mine.

Author — alternatingbitmusic


Hi, I always enjoy you tube reviews of HiFi components. Hey how else are you going to learn about them. This Akai 4000D seems like a nice unit. I've read reviews and they're pretty favorable, to a point. Your 4000D seems to have a slightly different look from other models, so if a few of my facts vary please forgive me.
I have a Teac X-3 purchased on 8-27-1982 for $329 and it still works fine, that's 34 years. Some things I don't care for on the Akai. Wow/flutter is 0.15% (7 1/2 ips), signal/noise ratio is 50db, THD is 2% and frequency response is 30hz-22khz (very good). Not bad specs but ok. It has only one motor, which means BELTS to drive the reels and only one tension bar (not good for long term performance). The switches are mechanical which could lead to future problems. The fact you need to remove an adapter to change speeds is a reel (pun intended) pain in the ass. the pause control also seems to be a PIA.
The Teac X-3 offers wow/flutter 0.06% (7 1/2 ips), signal/noise of 49db's (about equal to the Akai), THD of 1.5% and THREE motors ( 1 drive and two reel). Also has two tension bars for better tape control, and push button controls for functions (much smoother than mechanical switches). So unless you're getting a GREAT deal on the Akai I'd pass on it.
These figures are from the HiFi Engine web site. please feel free to check out the facts. Akai makes some good components and this unit isn't really bad, just that there's better stuff out there for your money. Hope I didn't piss off to many Akai fans.
I have an Akai GXF31 cassette deck and it's fantastic.

Author — Marty Jewell


Todos, ou "assim" quase todos que possuo também foram restaurados! Gostaria e assim aproveito esta mensagem para parabenizar como também se VER "quem sabe!" alguém como EU E VOCÊ amigo! Qualquer que seja dê 1 alo que mostrarei minha personalização, com satisfação..e se puder também, , , tamo a disposição para faze-lo, ok? forte abraço

Author — Carlos Augusto


I miss the one I had. I had the Akai 747 with remote.

Author — Byron High


Do you sell reel to reel tape decks​? I want to get one soon.

Author — Tokunbo Macaulay


на днях купил..еще не проверил..незнаю пока ничего что он мне выдаст..

Author — Vad Manfred


the sound is incredible, but just level in amp is low, hi the vol.

Author — Pablo Baldomir