Lock Snapping - The Euro Cylinder Lock Vulnerability

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Euro cylinder locks are fitted to millions of properties, usually in UPVC and other double glazed doors. Since 2009 there has been a rise in the technique used by criminals which can allows someone to enter a home in as little as 15 seconds.

This technique involves applying force and snapping the cylinder in two, gaining entry to a home with ease!

West Yorkshire Police said it was mainly prevalent with euro cylinder locks and urged concerned residents to seek crime prevention advice.

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If a guy admits to having burgled “thousands of homes” then he should be in prison for the rest of his life. I don’t care if he calls himself “reformed”. Just the sheer number of victims makes him a slimebag.

Author — Lucas T


"mumble mumble just snap lock" Einstein level here.

Author — OmikronWeapon


If that was 42 seconds why not just film real time instead of editing it? Additionally why not simply have the lock facia in a flush recess into the door?

Author — dan taylor


WOW some one came out to finger print. Must be years ago that this was filmed.

Author — Darren Kirby


i fit these all the time now i fully recommend them .ive had a go at snapping the handles then the lock theres no noise at all

Author — Steven Elias


Believe or not, I work at a well known tool shop, 100s across the country. Had a break in attempt last night they snapped lock they didn't get in as there was other shutter's in place, but the best thing is we sell anti snap locks and for some reason wasn't used on door, it didn't make sense for someone aware of the problem, not to do anything.

Author — Anthony Lee Dickinson


You can get Replacements that have a breaking point not so deep, so door remains locked

Author — Randy Aivaz


@cwthomas1984 for sharing that info on the new TS007 standards...Does that mean the two euro cylinders i was looking at getting (Avocet ABS MK3 vs CISA Astral S) ...neither meets the new TS007 standards at the moment?

Author — ridetherhythm


Exactly what I have fitted and also recommend as a supplementary security feature on uPVC doors, sliding doors (patio) and sliding windows.

Author — Ulysses


He used a locking plier to break the cylinder.

Author — Efstathios Dimopoulos


If someone is breaking in, they don't care about damage, those people were serious about a stronger lock but there entire door is glass, break glass, walk in, 2

Author — 77 Nizzova


Great video guys!
To deter burglars, nothing better than storing valuables out of home in a safe deposit box.

Metrosafe Deposit Team

Author — Metrosafe Deposits


Because cylinder lock are usually made of brass. I did this once. Shit breaks like a plastic.

Author — Ice Vixen


I am a locksmith, I carry a few kite marked anti-snap Euro locks on my van, but the bottom line for the customer is always cost. I offer the better but more expensive lock at £30 and a standard Euro lock for £17.50. In 4 years of trading only 1 customer has ever chosen the more expensive lock.

Author — TherealElliot


Those cylinders can be used but on internal doors but not exterior doors.

Author — BlackDolphin90


This is 2012.... Any further news on British Standard locks ?

Author — Muswell


Lost keys to locks that are fitted to Double Glazed doors/windows in our bedroom. I watched this and had them open in 15 seconds. Time to update all locks etc.. in the whole house.... Not good !!!

Author — Alan Wigg


9 years after this & these rubbish cheap locks are still being fitted on most properties

Author — Andy P


Its no wonder... a huge heroin increase will inevitably lead to more burglaries. Try tackling this rancid and parasitic issue

Author — DJ Onfonsteen


Scenes of Crime Officer who doesn't wear gloves?!

Author — Richard Jackson