John Venable: Aftermath of Russian Nuclear Incidents 'Very Suspect'

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John Venable: Aftermath of Russian Nuclear Incidents 'Very Suspect' 5
John "JV" Venable joined Fox Business, Tuesday, August 20, to talk about the latest from Russia, the recent mysterious nuclear incidents, and what Russia's response tells us about them.

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Since when has the Heritage foundation cared about anything other than cutting taxes for the rich?

Author — Richard Curren


Sounds like problems re-starting up their nuclear programs? :-(

Author — Greg Olsen


Hearing about the heritage foundation's cooperation with Google and Tim Lee is concerning.
Obviously, Utah has been RINO SECURED.
No surprise with Mittens Romney.
But, Lee?
Where's Mark Levin on this issue?

Author — medicatedification


No salvation in Russia. They never learn.

Author — Ronan M


there will be a war with russia and china at the same time, there are reports that russia and china are joining together and the globalist democrats will allow this, there will be no fighting back, hell china already owns most of texas and california, as collateral for the loan that we have received and plus all the business and property they have purchased and the agreement china can take their land at any time and remove American citizens using any means

Author — Tassie Royal


Not to mention the way they helped to get Shithead elected.

Author — EnemyOfReligion2012


there will be a nuclear war with russia very soon at any time

Author — Nick Caravatta


Too many idiots in this comment section

Author — DurexDurpaneu2