Muay Boran Styles

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Often there is confusion about the various styles of Muay Boran (มวยโบราณแบบ) or their characteristics are not known and one ends up spreading false information (or being scammed). These videos serve to clarify the existing styles of Muay Boran and their characteristics, including many rarely known, with videos or illustrative images and a final part that deals with fake Thai scam styles that circulate today.


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0:00 - Intro
0:08 - What is Muay Boran?
0:12 - Style Differences
0:29 - Muay Korat
0:57 - Muay Chaiya
1:26 - Muay Lopburi
1:58 - Muay Thasao
2:28 - Muay Pranakorn
2:48 - Muay Luang
3:33 - Muay Phraya Pichai Dab Hak
4:08 - Muay Jerng
4:38 - Thaiyuth
5:08 - Chaiyut
5:34 - Muay Lertrit
5:54 - Muay Navarach
6:18 - Thaiachira
6:33 - Muay Chaisawat
6:57 - Modern Muay Boran
7:14 - Muay Ayutthaya
7:43 - Muay Kotchasan
8:08 - Frauds and fake Thai Styles
8:14 - Pahuyuth (Fraud)
8:57 - Mud's Muay Chaiya (Fraud)
9:22 - Outro

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Muay Boran is different from Bokator and Kbach Kun Khmer Boran (Khmer martial arts). Historically, the first Thais have assimilated Khmer culture and probably Khmer martial arts (both derive from Indian culture), but more than 400 years have passed since the fall of the Khmer empire, years in which the Thais were able to further develop their martial arts system, evolving it and making it their own. The same goes for Cambodia, which has certainly further evolved its martial art from that seen on the reliefs of Angkor Wat (A Khmer temple for those who don't know). To the expert eye, the differences between Kbach Kun Boran Khmer and Muay Boran are immediately recognizable, although the arts may be similar (similarities, among other things, present in almost all the martial arts of Southeast Asia, including in Lethwei which dates back to 1200 BCE That is when there was not even a trace of the Khmer kingdom) (The precursor kingdom of the Khmer empire, the kingdom of Funan dates back to the 50/68 CE), but they are also very different. The real problem arises when the Cambodian people start selling Muay Boran as a Khmer martial art. There are many informative videos on the internet on Bokator and other Khmer martial arts, which also include footage of Muay Boran and Thai fighters (This almost makes me laugh at how silly it is). Muay Boran videos (including mine) are full of people referring to it as Khmer martial art, and it's full of somewhat defamatory articles against Muay Thai and Muay Boran in favor of Khmer martial arts, with no rational evidence of why one is better than the other. It almost seems that Cambodians are trying to pass on Thai culture as a subculture/extension of Khmer and Cambodian culture, which is morally unacceptable, given that every culture, regardless of origin and who inspired it, is unique, in all its nuances. Also, it almost seems that Cambodians consider every aspect of Thai martial arts of Khmer origin, they use the typical ropes around fists, which is a Thai characteristic, of which there is evidence in Thai history since 1600, while it is not known if they were used in Cambodia since in the old black and white photos that have come down to us Cambodian fighters fight bare-handed. The point of this text is to inform people, to see with your own eyes and mind the similarities and differences, to respect each culture in all its uniqueness, without offending or devaluing without reason, without being possessed by nonsensical nationalism.

Author — Gaawut Productions


Muay Thai It comes from the word มวย that means fight, and ไทย means Thai.
muay thai type
1.muay korat(strong punch)
2.muay lopburi(clever)
3.muay chaiya (good step)
4.muay tasao (fastest)
5.muay thai physically (popular, use for training your body)
6.muay lertrit (use for training thai soldiers)
1-4 is old But you can actually use it because it's both dumping, slashing, catching and breaking.
5 is new use It's for sports.
6 is new for kill

Author — Thawirat Wattanapichitpong


Kop Khun Krab - this is one of the most informative videos on traditional Thai martial arts that I have ever seen. Very well done, and very much appreciated!

Author — Yang Shen


I was aware that muay thai/boran was an umbrella term for various Thailand martial arts, but I never really davelled into it. This was cool to see. The one that was the most surprising was the one mixed with aikido.

Author — FireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts


Amazing! Love to learn more about Muay Boran. Did not know there were more styles. Keep it up!

Author — Gil Wanders


Respect for you, my friend! It's aways good to see someone exposing frauds like Pahuyuth! Keep the work up!

Author — Clockmaker BR


Thai martial arts are honor, respect, culture.... I'm from Ecuador 🙏🏽 sawadeekrap

Author — Henry Gavidia


Muitissimo bom equilibrio combate tecnicas dos pontos vitais visando mobilizacoes corporais tecnnicas de quebramentos e eficacia adorei parabens

Author — Wagner Menezes


Very informative vid. I learned alot. Keep doing your thing bro💪🏾

Author — james gutierrez


This is one of the most interesting video for muay thai I never knew. Nice done. Now I wanna go back learn muay thai agian. Thanks for the info. Good sir.

Author — Rakoom Boom


Thank you for the history. You are so knowledgeable.

You should do one on Sat yak. Some boxers have them.

Author — S I


This video is gold thanks for sharing such an important information 🙏

Author — miu k


This is gold ! Great information, thanks for making this video

Author — alfonso iovine


This is great content, you showed me something completely new to me here. Thank you! 👊

Author — Concrete Breakdowns


Muay Thai in all its forms remains the most complete art ever

Author — Tommaso Bertoli


In the center region, the eldest style is Muay Chaiya. My grandpa used to tell a story for me. It's different from the northern region of Thailand, Lanna kingdom, they have their own style of muay and it's not the same as muay siam.

Author — Fay Bluepearl


beautiful history! respect and admiration from El Salvador

Author — henry


Yes Muay Thai is a traditional martial arts.
I hope I can be a nak Muay someday.

Author — Steven Seagull


Hi, out of curiosity, do you know where I can learn the muay thasao styles of muay boran in Thailand?

Author — Justin Tan


Interesting video.
Finally I understand that muay boran and muay thai is little bit different, I thought they are same and just different name be different cultures

Author — snake 7