Aye Chan Myat Moe's Dad Speak Out About Poor Juristic System

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Aye Chan Myat Moe's Dad Speak Out About Poor Juristic System 4.5

Model Aye Chan Myat Moe's Father Speaks Out the Poor Juristic System in Myanmar on her daughter murder case. Model Aye Chan Myat Moe, 20 years old, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on August 26, 2014.

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ဦး​ေလးစကား​ေျပာ​ေတာ္​တယ္​ ကြၽမ္​းက်င္​တယ္​ ဆု​ေတာင္​း​ေပးပါတယ္​

Author — 19 missyou


အမွဴ႕စစ္​တဲ့​ေကာင္​​ေတ​ေကာ တရားခံ​ေကာ လူစိတ္​မ႐ွိတဲ့​ေကာင္​​ေတ

Author — Solomonn Solomonn


:-( :-( :-( မမ​ရဲ႕ စိတ္​မ​ေကာင္​းဖူး အ​ေသ ​ေစာလုိက္​တာ ​ေနာက္​ဘဝၾကရင္​​ေတာ့ :-( :-(

Author — wine Su 998852885


Her dad spoke well. Must be the educated one.

Author — friedmosquito


အယ္ေကာင္ကေသသတ္ခ်ပလိုက္ လီေကာင္ ကိုယ္ခ်င္မစာတဲ႔ေကာင္ေခြေကာင္ ငါလီလာဆုတ္လာ အမူစစ္တဲ႔ေကာင္ေတြလည္လီပဲ

Author — two htetwinko


chan moe lay very much love you very sad

Author — Gta Vice


I am so sorry for Model a
Aye Chan Myat Moe's family and relatives.May God give her peace in haven. I am a law student of Myanmar two decade age, since that time I came to know, it is very true " There isn't No Law, No Justice in Myanmar. But Money and Power is only Law and Justice.Therefore, I decided to leave county and study aboard, May Supreme God save every Burmese/Myanmar citizen.


Author — M Dean


At our country really poor justice system . Looking at ko par gyi case . . . So disappointed .

Author — Kay Khaing Kyaw


So bad...Whatever he must pay back for that ....God will ...She will be in haven...Peace...

Author — zinmar myo


ဦးေလးရဲ႕စိတ္ထားကမြန္ျမတ္ပါတယ္ ဦးေလး သိပ္ၿပီးေတာ့စိတ္မပူပါနဲ႔ တရားမွ်တမႈရိွလာမွာပါ

Author — Anto Ny