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360° Travel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza - BBC 4.5

Travel to the heart of the Great Pyramid of Giza - the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World.

Built over four and a half thousand years ago, the pyramid is the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu. You can pass through the solid stone blocks that make up the Pyramid’s core to explore its hidden passages and chambers.

The Great Pyramid’s architects and builders worked with great precision: the access corridors and chambers align almost perfectly on a north-south axis.

Ancient Invisible Cities | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC


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I know who built it

It a giant man who built it that’s is buried under the prymid

Author — Humam Ali


Going there in person last year was so surreal. It's a little morbid, but in a way I'm glad the Egyptian currency has been so devalued, or the Great Pyramid might never have been opened to tourists again. Climbing the passage to the King's Chamber, feeling the cramped, claustrophobic weight of millions of tons of stone above your head, and being inside one of the greatest human achievements in all of recorded history was perhaps the most poignant moment I have ever experienced.

Author — Christopher J. Abbott


Even if it was his tomb, it’s only because he said “ I want to be buried in that!”

Author — Doug G


Bloody hell i had to read the chat to make sure i wasnt been chosen by aliens to see 360° of the video. Got freaked out for a moment there 😅

Author — Potato Man


I was wondering why the text was partially out of view. As I tried to tap the screen to maybe adjust the screen size I realised it's one of those videos you can move around. I know it said 360°, but I just thought that was describing the 3D effect or something. Silly me.

Author — Inner Vigilance


instructions : mute volume and watch the animation. actually pretty good.

Author — doctor steve


*_Dont let The Black Hammer Gang going inside of the pyramid_*

Author — 21flores lizviolet


Looks like a landing pad/ minecraft operation

Author — Smurf U


Ohh stop it already ... the Pyramids are not tombs.

Author — Mr.Nobody 2.0


Can we please stop saying this is the tomb of Kufu FFS ! Zero evidence for that scenario-ZERO

Author — Cunny Funt


This story is wrong. Long times ago is well known, that this building was NEVER A BURIAL PLACE AND NEVER WAS HERE NEITHER A CORPS NOR A MUMMY..!!! It was empty when first open it barbarian islamic people with explosion... Obviously this was a grandiose machine! HAS NO ENTRANCE MAN!!! That is why must itt blasting. And fact: never makes nobody terminating site on it. This built to one pice through more and more hundred years, but not leaves open, dont makes entrances, and exits... this was a closed special work monument with misterious purpose.... only can going inside "the soul, making exit and trip to underword, on the Styx river" (that represents symbolic the "lake" under the pyramid).
No clues, that when the Pharao dies, after would built the rest walls to closing with much more tons gigantic stones... would be nonsence and impossible... The grand pyramid was a hidrostatic-electrolic and ceremonial machine, that have mystic aspects... New researches and theories says it makes the "water of life" or as i mentioned the mythic "Styx water"...
The Nile flows 5-8 thousends of years ago directly near outside this gigant and the water flow direct inside on maded channels, and misterious electrolitic reaction happening with the Sun on the special condensing object on the top of the pyramid... this electrolic fluids ancient name was the Styx water and flowing underneath the building in the lake and after it is "used" circulating back in the Nile... the egyptian ancestors believes that this makes again young and strong the worthy noble person... like the pharaos and main priests... but this operation was neither in big nor the small "burial" chambers inside the pyramid (thus was full with special cleaned Nile-water)... it was happening under the building near to the little lake...

Author — Kutyaütő Kis


That made me jump when I went to pause video didn't realise was 3d is lol it's like a strange dream like the matrix!!

Author — Woodrow Elias


Its my dream to reach on the top of pyramid 1 day... & order Dominos for extra cheez pizza with 30 minutes delivery

Author — Gayas Khan


This was Khufu’s man cave which he built for when he wanted to get away from his nagging wife. No way could she find him in there.

Author — 1TheWhiteKnight1


When I visit the great pyramid I'm gonna go topless like a proper giza

Author — -SG6000-


This was such an amazing experience wow

Author — ashrena


This was no tomb! Pharaoh was not buried here! Good luck BBC, get it right!

Author — Carolyn Joyner


Photography is great. Zero evidence of burial place of pharaohs.



That was amazing. Never mind the narrator. The view is where it's at! Wow!!!

Author — Elizabeth Wolfgang


0:47 and look up. What is that and what are the grooves for?

Author — Guro-kawaii