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The Democratic Candidates Policy Positions Explained - TLDR News 4.5

In this video we discuss the front runners in the Democratic leadership race and discuss what they stand for from a policy perspective. We also dive into how the process is whittled down and whose likely to make it to the next stage.

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PLEASE NOTE: Since this video's production the Sanders campaign have released more detailed environmental plans. We will dive into this in more detail in future videos as well as explaining the Green New Deal. Make sure you're subscribed to TLDR News US so you don't miss out!

Author — TLDR News US


I know this was written a little while back but, yesterday Bernie out his own Green New Deal putting 16 trillion in green infrastructure. Another huge part of his campaign is taking on the fossil fuel industry and other interests. Just thought I’d put that out there.

Author — NdbF123


7:15 Bernie clearly stated in a debate that he thinks climate change is the most dangerous threat to national security; and he just released a comprehensive set of policies he will fight for if elected President.

Author — Santiago a


What about Andrew yang? He polls higher than Beto and Pete.

Author — Hassan Ali


I'm surprised you didn't go into detail on campaign finances. Many progressive voters are concerned about how friendly candidates are with corporate donations and how reminiscent their policies are of Reagan's trickle down economics. To voters, both of these are considered analogous to corruption.

Author — nfcopier1


Sanders just released his Green New Deal plan.

Author — Ben S.


Comparing Buttigieg’s donors to Bernies donors is ridiculous because Pete has taken money from 23 billionaires and Bernie has taken money from 0 billionaires

Author — Bruh moment #2


"Wooly"? Sanders despises the fossil fuels? He's not "Wooly"

Author — JPM12


Last time I was this early, this channel didn't even exist yet.

Author — Chrissy The Conqueror


Only one blue dude is gonna be deserving of the pleasure, nay the HONOR! of getting the hair drawn in his TLDR videos!

Author — Darth Calanil


"Mayor of South Bend, Indania"

Points at Ohio

Author — Dylan Taylor


Yeah, well. we've been promised a public option by his team before. They abandoned that position before the debate even began. The DNC loves them some insurance corporation money. Expect them to be up to their usual dirty tricks against any progressive candidate. As will the corporate media.

Author — Kit Thornton


Just yesterday Bernie released his plans on climate change and they're HUGE.

You shouldn't have released this video without putting that in tbh.

Author — grizzfang


I would place Yang before O'Rouke. Not only does he have a more and consistent gain, he is also way better suited for the job. Biden really needs to leave though. Too old, too incompetent, too much establishment center right democrat.

Author — OperationBaboon


This new channel is covering some good topics so far. When will we seen Tldr international? Would be great to have an overview of international news on an ongoing basis.

Author — RM Tab


Great video! But a little outdated already, since Bernie has released his own Green New Deal. I also want to note that Bernie has the most individual donors and Buttigieg is not second when it comes to that.

Author — Nick


If you think O'Rourke has even the slightest most minuscule chance then you're insane

Author — Atreides


You didn’t represent Bernie properly. He JUST released the most bold climate plan of anyone in the race. He also has a bold criminal justice reform bill and many many many other amazing plans.

Author — RockThe Red870


7:15 He actually released his entire plan for the green new deal and his goals are very comprehensive and ambitious but very reasonable. It was released recently too and Mike from The Humanist Report made a video on it.

Author — Mister Flame


Disappointed to have you leave out Yang and include O’Rourke since Yang is polling ahead of him in most polls and he is tied with Mayor Pete.

Author — Andrew Shook