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BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious World of Maths 3of3 720p HDTV x264 AAC MVGroup org 5

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From now on my inner monologue will be in Hannah's voice

Author — Generic Woman


How the BBC can spend so long saying so little is one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Author — David K Newton


I have binge-watched all 3 episodes. The last 2 years have opened up such a passionate thirst for knowledge in spheres I would never have previously dreamt of. Real nourishment for the grey matter, thank you

Author — iodipsy


While watching this series of video clips, I love musing on miracle numbers Okay ! Thanks !

Author — Jnan Bora


she has such a calming and soothing voice

Author — bainsy


The underlying language of the universe! I love these three series :)

Author — Roselyne Wanjiru


Were Not Aware Of The Surface That We Need To Scratch The Surface Of.

Author — gogett7867


Love these programmes where they spend the first 3 minutes telling you what they’re going to be telling you

Author — Luke Bellmason


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one utterly enchanted by her.

Author — Jeff Nolan


The existence of maths independent from humans has long been obvious to me... I wouldn't even qualify it as a discovery in and of itself but simply an innate ability we have extended upon to a greater degree as we both evolved and progressed our imaginations, language and communication skills.

Most creatures use maths, but of course we have explored it's potential to a much greater degree.

A lion knows when "One" of "nine" of its fellow pride members dies and the next day knows that now only "eight" are on their "second" hunting attempt... It knows its position in a strategic crescent shaped hunting pattern and knows that "three" other lionesses are to its right and "four" more pride members are to its left and that together they are attempting to take down "One" prey... A crude example amongst many in the animal kingdom but a clear one...

How they conceive of those numbers is unknown to us of course, you may as well try and imagine what the world looks like to a bat!... And they are not about to start clawing tally marks on a stick for memories sake but conceive of those numbers they simply must.

Author — Autumn Dark


I LOVE Math, but I love Hannah even more!😍❤🇸🇪

Author — Danilo Dursun


Amazing! I like to hear from you more on maths in near thank you so much for lovely presentation to Hannah Fry. Love to see you again.

Author — Monzoor Chowdhury


Dr. Hannah, you rock! :)
Thank you so much for the interesting videos!

Author — Angelina Gokhale


Mathematics is discovered, but we invented the language to talk about it.

Author — Stephen Brown


We ARE in superposition relative to perspective.
Relativity and entanglement are proof of interconnected nature or reality. We are constantly changing so we are not in existance and nothing is truly created or destroyed thus always in existance

Author — AntheA Delmotte


There was once a girl who was bright
She could travel much faster than light
She set off one day, in a relative way
And returned the previous night.

Author — Eric Taylor


Watching a show about Math, and now I want some cupcakes. Great.

Author — John Bullock


An answer from a true quantum physicist: Yes, we don't.
Thanks for a nice video :)

Author — Matko Smat


Our universe is probably just some kid in an advanced civilization’s 2nd grade art project lol

Author — Card Quest


57:57 Math seems to be one of the means "looking for keys under the lamp post" & we will have to wait for the sunlight of getting rid of dogma to find the keys. People need more imagination & insight so that we will understand "meaning".

Author — Gregg Weber