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50:17 "Meanwhile Quantum effects are virtually never seen at the scale of humans and planets"
The reason why it is VIRTUALLY never, rather than absolutely never is the existence of women like my wife, who can be wrong, but somehow still be right at the same time... I hate Quantum superposition, because it always ends up with me in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Author — Woutah2dmaX


Mathematics is discovered, but we invented the language to talk about it.

Author — Stephen Brown


19:15 Yes there IS a difference between maths and faith. In general, if a scientist/mathematician finds facts that contradict their 'believes', they change their believes, if a religious person does so, (s)he ignores the observation.

Author — Martyn Cook


She: "Taking math on faith"
I: crying and saying never

Author — Sad but It's true


The whole question of whether maths is invented or discovered seems to be more of a question of definition or semantics to me. In part 1 of this video it is stated that (verbal) languages are invented. But any mathematical equation can be expressed in words. Indeed, that is how you teach mathematics by talking students through what you are doing with the equations and operations.

The fact that natural phenomena (things and occurrences) follow certain patterns and that those patterns can most easily/efficiently be described with maths, doesn’t mean to me that you’ve discovered the maths – you’ve discovered the pattern.

This to me is analogous to certain human (emotional, social or cultural) phenomena that can only be or are most easily expressed in certain languages. There are, for example, many terms in Japanese that refer to cultural phenomena that you wouldn’t find in many (in some cases, any) other cultures. That doesn’t mean that when you learn about this as a non-Japanese person you are discovering the word, you are discovering the phenomenon. The word is just a tool to describe that phenomenon.

Author — Milton77


"Everything is possible" I liked the part at 53:47 where she eats the ice cream.

Author — C M


Lost a little confidence in this presentation when I heard, "A theory is just a theory". This type of misuse of the word is why people in general get so confused about the difference between a hypothesis and an actual theory.

Author — Booca79


The underlying language of the universe! I love these three series :)

Author — Roselyne Wanjiru


I LOVE Math, but I love Hannah even more!😍❤🇸🇪

Author — Danilo Dursun


It takes extra anesthesia to knock out redheads, theyre extra feisty.

Author — Gerard Jones


OU is an amazing organization best uni ever

Author — Steven Russell


Can anyone tell me what place is that at 0:21? It's beautiful!

Author — Luis Felipe


5:16 'art is about cultural differences'.

No it's not, but this is the BBC so even a programme about maths has to have a little cultural Marxism thrown in.

Author — Mark Stevens


"..tantalising gimps of what may come.." lol.
Does anybody know what Golf Course she is on?
I was expecting the TellyTubbies to walk past her!

Author — Tomás Ó Treasaigh


I have been dreaming superposittions on me my self, after whatching all this very interesting documentaries.

Author — SR. TORRES


While watching this series of video clips, I love musing on miracle numbers Okay ! Thanks !

Author — Jnan Bora


I could listen to Hannah Fry recite a 'phone book! Listening to her is like I imagine bathing in warm chocolate would feel, somebody should hire her to read audio books. :)

Author — Pedro Penduco


53:13 The strongest argument for the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics - there would be at least six Hannah Frys.

Author — kwanarchive


Where is the park with the spiral mounds and interesting sculptures?

Author — Robb Greathouse


Now I see maths on a different perspective

Author — alex makaumumo