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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the Italian brand’s first ever SUV. Its sporty Giulia-inspired looks and rakish cabin certainly help it make a good first impression, but its charm will have to be more than just skin deep if Alfa Romeo wants to steal buyers away from the Audi Q5 and Jaguar F-Pace. I take a detailed looks at this left-field Italian off-roader to find out what it’s like to drive, see how practical it is and help you decide if it’s the ideal SUV for you.

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I actually love the design of the interior. A refreshing departure from the Germans especially with the screen being integrated into the dash and not looking like an afterthought!

Author — Gareth F


I love how Alfa does integrate the entertainment screen into the dash. I can't understand why others like Mercedes just put the screen, like if the had put it in the last minute

Author — Gonzalo Suárez


It's their first SUV and it already drives better than a Macan or a Jaguar. Let that sink in ;)

Author — Gabriel Marcu


It does one thing exceptionally well, something other SUVs have failed miserably, to drive

Author — Eugenio A.


After A-B'ing the Evoque and the Stelvio (also saw Carwow's latest review on the 2020 Evoque), I am very happy that I chose the Stelvio instead. The RR does have more "class" but the AR is a heck of a lot more fun for the money and really offers an enjoyable ride. Quiet and respectable when you want it to be, and like a bat out of hell when you open it up.

Author — Craig Smith


Nice review Mat, but when there will be Quadrifoglio version of Stelvio :)

Author — GamersName


I've recently bought a stelvio absolutely love it brings a smile to my face every time I drive it and never had a car where so many people comment on how nice it is all the time.
It's has it little flaws like any other car you own cause no car is perfect to drive/looks

Author — mark welch


Well done, Alfa Romeo!
First SUV in my life which i found pretty nice and i want to buy because it is a Beast (remember its 50:50 weight distr. and the World Record which set at Nordschleife)

Author — mesa's artworks


I own a 2018 Stelvio 280 and I've been super happy with it. The annual services prices are a bit on the premium side but haven't had any issues so far. Only changed rear brake pads and it cost 100 euros total.

Author — Chris Mannik


WOW it's almost as if Alfa has made a SPORTS Utility Vehicle. Something that has sadly shifted definitions. I drove one today and it is AMAZING to actually drive.

Author — MidNightRyder1000


Boy Alfa's getting back in the market of good cars, even though I tend to hate SUVs, this one's brilliant!

Author — Sergio Serra Music


I work as a private driver and Alfa has been sponsoring my company by lending us 3 Stelvio's (2L gasoline, 280HP) for the summer. I've been driving this car for 4 months now and it has been a true delight. It is a driver's car. The punch, the steering and the way it handles the road largely make up for the limited amount of space behind and the few dodgy plastic bits.

Author — Geoffrey


Well, in terms of space, the Mercedes, Audi and BMW only have 4% more boot space.
The Macan and the Volvo actually have about the same percentage less than the Stelvio. So, I'm not sure about it being so bad in this regard.
As for the noise, we can have noise reduction as an option at the cost of a bit more weight.

Author — Mik S


Not only it is exceptionally beautiful but driving it on bendy Italian roads it's a true pleasure!

Author — elisa bobo


The best looking one in its class😍
About other things it can improve but good job alfa👌🏻
Only q5 and volvo can compare with this alfa

Author — Giuseppe Lapomarda


i love the look of these, and seeing this up my ass in the rear view mirror is kinda scary, unlike seeing the gle or cayenne. i just love the agressive looks of alfas

Author — Erik H


This is so beautiful! If only BMW would streamline the interior of the 3 series to match this.

Author — Cy Gilbert


I'm not into SUVs but I really like the interior..the wooden accents are really nice and the exterior is unique

Author — Cranked Up


I don't normally like wood trim but it's quite nice on that dash I think

Author — picklesrule69


I tested one today, the 2, 0 turbo petrol with 280bhp and the handling was brilliant=)
Actually handles better than many sedans I have =)
I have always hated SUVs, but now I think I have to consider one after all.

Author — Edvard Abelvik