A Documentary about Canada

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A Documentary about Canada 5

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Our Provinces is a documentary film that narrates a cross country expedition across Canada with the main aim to understand this beautiful and vast country through the voices of their people and their interesting journeys. Highlighting the differences of each province with the common theme of being Canadian.

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if you are a peaceful and a good human being, then....WELCOME.

Author — bozelecter


I desperately want to move to Canada and this video has given me 1, 000 more reasons why! Great documentary👌🇨🇦

Author — M O


I’m not Canadian, but thank you Canada 🇨🇦 for being AWESOME!!!

Author — RodGrøm


I am SO PROUD to be Canadian! This film brought tears!

Author — Hanna Honda


This is genuinely the most beautiful thing I've seen.. Makes me want to visit Canada even more! Breathtaking pictures and stories. I want to become a Canadian! Greetings from Switzerland

Author — S A


"A culture that embraces differences and works to take the best of them instead of pushing them away".... Enjoyed this beautiful documentary. This made my day

Author — Kumbidi


In Canada every province is unique & beautiful in its own way! 🇨🇦

Author — Asim Malik


The accents in Newfoundland have such a strong Irish/Scottish influence, crazy!

Author — Jamie D


I immigrated from India 10 years love Canada.

Author — Real Self


Canada is awesome.
The people are understanding and have big hearts. :)

Author — Afnan Rehman


I am a School Teacher in Georgia, US. We cover Canada in our curriculum map. This was a Wonderful way to end our Canadian Unit. Great filmography and the story was wonderful! My students LOVED and LEARNED from it!


Author — Ben Torbett


This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen ! Canadians are so kind and welcoming ! This is a real life lesson !

Author — Owen Marandeau


*Being Canadian is the best thing ever happens to someone :)*

Author — Jacob Frye


Canadians are empathetic, nature loving and blessed with beautiful landscape, i hope india achieve the same

Author — Sachin Yadav


I'm American and this documentary is beautiful. Great work!

Author — Brian Paszkiewicz


As a Canadian, I want to end divisions.

Author — Michael500ca


i been to British Columbia and Alberta from Melbourne

Author — Brick Life


My country is my Pride, Long live Canada

Author — Adriano Devon


That was beautiful. I am American and I'm glad we have such a beautiful country with amazing people as our neighbors to the North.

Author — Carlos Vaccarezza


After watching this video, I've decided to move to Canada ;)

Author — Adam Quitch