How To Make A Concrete And Perlite Rocket Stove

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How To Make A Concrete And Perlite Rocket Stove 4.5

In this video I re-make my DIY concrete rocket stove with the addition of perlite. Many of the improvements to the stove design were suggested via viewer comments. It's hotter and lighter and will burn cleaner.

The perlite adds insulation to the concrete body of the rocket stove, reducing the thermal mass. This makes the stove much more efficient and it should boil water, my primary use for the it, more quickly. An added benefit of using the perlite will be the reduction of the weight of the stove.

Next week I'll be adding a J-tube to the stove, bringing the design closer to the a true rocket stove. Then I'll test the stove's performance with and without the J-tube.

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This is what the Internet is really for.
Learning together.
Thank you, Sir, for taking in the crowd-info and using it to improve and giving it back to us.

Author — Jennifer Grove


yeah, really easy to confuse, with Greek Architecture ;-)
Good Job, Man!

Author — Strange Times


Love your stove I did one years ago and it came out just fine. My next on4e will be the same as your design thank youi for your video`s i love watching them from Australia. god bless

Author — Banjo111 1


Just a thought... Instead of rebar, maybe drop in anchors... That way you can use different sized bolts to adjust the height

Author — Brian Vaughan


I've seen a lot of rocket stoves and like yours best thank you for a great job can't wait to see your next one you make.

Author — Tina Searcy


This is a great channel. My dad would love to watch this channel.

Author — Taliyah Zimmer


I love this...but a helpful hint from a former concrete contractor...curing doesn't require protection from moisture (i.e. trash can lid) but protection from drying too quickly, so actually the lid is keeping the sunlight away while you allow it to cure...excellent be afraid to grab the garden hose and soak it daily for a few days or even weeks for a stronger oven ....i hope to follow your video and make my rocket stove that i can have on my semi ...thanks for the awesome vid .. a trucker from Wisconsin

Author — J B


Useful, clear, fun to watch! Learning from suggestions? Wonderful! I also love the natural way you involve your son in building, creating something useful, a compost bin!! Lovely parenting! Thank you for sharing!

Author — Ana Askar

Author are the master of make do and “ of the moment “ admirable
Good luck with your onward journey

Author — Peter Paliwoda


You're thorough man for sparing my older ears with peace while grinding true craftmsn!

Author — timothy chung


Love this. Thank you souch for this. I will be making this. I am going off grid and this is perfecr!

Author — SweetPea Pearl'lynn


Awesome vid Just so you know that is not a grinding wheel, its a cutoff wheel and could blow apart if used incorrectly

Author — 54otor


Your video popped up after watching a similar video, never heard of such a stove, thank you for sharing and I appreciated how you used other viewers ideas to improve your design and showing us while doing so. Thank you...

Author — Therese Serbo


you can also reuse your underpants and save a half gallon of water by not washing them....are people really this obsessive over a bit of rainwater? dudes it falls from the sky

Author — Jusb1066


Did we get weight of stove I’m interested in taking one for camping to strap down in my trailer

Author — Eric Dawson


good job, sir looks like you got a keeper! thanks for the info!

Author — dale


Thank you!
Goud plan and well don. Carefull! The sove is very near of the wood wall!

Author — Marie Tremblay


Thank you for sharing this with us it's a great idea to get away from traditional metal products God bless keep the videos coming 🙋‍♂️🇬🇧

Author — Colin Lawrence


Marco's Pizza!!! Love that place!!! good video too, but now i just want cylinders of pizza

Author — James Grandone


I love the sound effects on the fast forward bits.

Author — Pia