Life in a Crazy-Small 8m2 Tokyo Apartment

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Life in a Crazy-Small 8m2 Tokyo Apartment 5
This super tiny Tokyo apartment may just be one of the smallest places we have seen so far, yet at 8 m2 (82 ft2) it still provides a perfect space to allow Emma (originally from Australia) to live a big life in Japan.

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💬 Comments on the video

Well at least you have good wifi everywhere in the house😂

Author — Sarah Eberson


We really need to socialize more. People thought this was flirting?🤔

Author — X averius


"Yah, I rented that closet, nah mate I told her this is how japanese people live. and guess what shes paying me 600 a month, turists brah"

Author — Andrej Hallder


The biggest mystery is how this turns into a 13 minute video

Author — mike long


The hidden toilet is very clever! I also love how positive she is. What a cool experience to live in such a unique place.

Author — shock_and_awww


The way she just talks about earthquakes make me think it’s like a daily thing 😂

Author — Christa


LOL everyone is talking about romance, but his fiancee is the one holding the camera....

Awkward 😶

Author — Danielle Ray


"Show me around"
"Sure...rotate your neck silly!"

Author — mrhoffame


dude's listening.. dude's also imagining things

Author — aditya wira perkasa


The one bright side of this house of hers? Low electric bill in the winter, since it could be warmed with the toaster

Author — Scott Hill


I never hinted a flirty romantic feel with these two until I read in the comment....You guys are not friendly or meet too many people huh? 😂

Author — Melissa Flores


The way he speaks with every single person he's interviewed is amazing. He's like this giant teddy bear. <3

Author — Sachi Ishikawa


People are quite desperate in the comment section. Being nice and smiling doesn't mean flirting, only niceguys have that kind of thinking...

Author — Dafuq


I don't see how they are flirting with each other.

Author — joey zapata


This is giving me major claustrophobia. +_+

Author — Александар Цветановић


2:31 I dont know if I should show you. *Dude opens the door* lol :')

Author — John Locke


It is so small, while watching I could not even breathe . Although japanese people made it so comfortable for life. Japanese people are really clever and innovative. Respect them

Author — Аруужан Аруужан


This is the cutest thing ever. How is she so positive and at peace with such little space, honestly, amazing...

Author — Jas Ghuman


Now this is a tiny house!
Love the girl's attitude and bubbly personality💕

Author — One Punch Man


Looks like the bathrooms in airplanes. I love tiny houses, but this will never work for me, I wouldn’t breath properly lol.

Author — Raquel F