Trump's 2019 State of the Union address | Full Speech

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Trump's 2019 State of the Union address | Full Speech 4.5
President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

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I'm "black" and I love everything President Trump's stands for. He's fighting against a shadow government and wicked media, but people (with open eyes) see that his agenda is PRO-AMERICAN, not anti-immigrant. His policies are PRO-FAMILY, not racist. Pres. Trump isn't perfect, but he's the common-sense President this nation needed.

Author — Robert Laster


It’s absolutely disgusting, the ones that did not clap when he said we are born free and will stay free. How absolutely un-American can these traitors be.

Author — John LeBaron


Proud black Trump supporter I got emotional Trump! 2020 God Bless America! And God Bless Trump!

Author — Abraham Simmons


hey dems, if you drop the hate you might listen and like what you hear

Author — Texican


I can't believe how the women in white keep having to check with each other to see if it is ok to stand and/or clap or not. No individual thought present

Author — sliphstream


Haven't seen that many democrats wearing white since they founded that infamous hooded group.

Author — Vince Grays


What a wonderful and majestic speech and presence. This is Our President.

Author — Mister Berzins


SHEESH! YouTube BURIED this one. I had to search fox because it wouldn't show up

Author — SyM


I'm Brazilian, and touched with how much Trump fight for the USA, beautiful and powerful speech, God bless the America!

Author — Douglas Nunes


Nancy Pelosi is a national embarrassment and disgrace.

Author — brotherskeeper kenney


People say trump hit a home run tonight i say he hit a grand slam!!!

Author — I Mar


I became a citizen so I could vote for Trump. MAGA 🇺🇸

Author — marie morris


God Bless Trump And God Bless America.

Author — bclinton4king


Crazy how hard I had to search for the Fox News coverage of the SOTU. YouTube buries it under countless CNN videos.

Author — browbeater824


Wow, as someone in the middle, the democrats sure look like they hate America out there lol sad

Author — Treezus


"Victory is not winning for our party, Victory is winning for our country" President Donald Trump!!!

Author — A.Simz


Every nation needs a Trump! Love Trump from Nigeria.

Author — UttyLois


LOVE Thats my President, the best President in over 30+yrs

Author — Aracelis Padilla


I am so proud of our President. His heart is purely American.

Author — jose marquez


Best part of the speech is between the minute 1:31:37 and 1:33:35. Trump is being the best president that US has had in the last 30 years (Ronald Reagan - 1981 to 1989). Socialism/Communism is one of the worst plagues in the world.

Author — hydragirium