Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine 4

Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and taken over its civilian and military infrastructure. Not a shot has been fired so far, but Russia is using its superior force to intimidate Ukrainian troops in an attempt to get them to surrender.

Russia claims it wants to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, which has a large Russian population, but Ukraine's new government regards the move as an occupation of its sovereign territory.

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Welcome to the comment section were everyone is a five star general and a military historian.

Author — Colin Hollenbeck


They don’t look little but they are green

Author — Flames


Russia wants to "stabilize" country's and America wants to "liberate" them very interesting

Author — My название 是 großartig


Soldiers without insignias show up.

Looks like Russians, Equipped with russian equipment.

Sneak 100

Author — Goblin Slayer


Lol the reporter has no Russian accent and no English accent speaks perfectly in Russian and English, respect

Author — Pewdie Peg


This is the most peacful invasion i have ever seen

Author — Haram not good


Vice: “Intense standoff”
Russian Commander: “You wanna hang out at 1:30?”
Ukrainian Commander: “Yeah sure”

Author — Gogi Gujejiani


- why are you fighting in the Donbas?
- because Russian troops are there!
- why don't you fight in the Crimea?
- because Russian troops are there!

Author — Оби Ван


Invasion without blood.
*AMERICA wants to know your location*

Author — Boogey MANN


Russia- Invaders Ukraine and takes over ..
Ukrainian military - *am I a joke to you?

Author — Alina Vinnytsia


*Un marked soldiers invade Ukrainian*

The rest of the world: Russia you know anything about thia?

Putin: Idk who they are :/

Author — DeadRed Cross


and to think this happened 5 years ago... feels like yesterday

Author — theinfidelderp


These guys are not regulars, They're Spetsnaz!

Author — Chris Pirie


"little green men" describes aliens more accurately

Author — Lana A


Из какой вы базы из какой вы страны, ахахахахахах, ору. Мы из Африки, база инопланетян)

Author — 178 RUS


3:27 that Russian man has a good point

Author — Mihnea Lazăr


Of course they are RUSSIANS. Russia had an agreement to maintain 35000 troops in CRIMEA... THEY WERE ALREADY THERE!!!

Author — extremelydangerous


А где голосование на референдуме под дулами автоматов? :)))

Author — Дамир Гарифьянов


"… Скоро всей вашей Америке — кирдык. Мы вам всем козью ножку устроим… Понял?" (с)

Author — Stanislav Chervatyuk


Net work. No casualties. Well Done Russia.

Author — Black Jack