Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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Russia's Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine 4

Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and taken over its civilian and military infrastructure. Not a shot has been fired so far, but Russia is using its superior force to intimidate Ukrainian troops in an attempt to get them to surrender.

Russia claims it wants to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, which has a large Russian population, but Ukraine's new government regards the move as an occupation of its sovereign territory.

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Lol the reporter has no Russian accent and no English accent speaks perfectly in Russian and English, respect

Author — Pewdie Peg


Welcome to the comment section were everyone is a five star general and a military historian.

Author — Colin Hollenbeck


Russia wants to "stabilize" country's and America wants to "liberate" them very interesting

Author — X


Soldiers without insignias show up.

Looks like Russians, Equipped with russian equipment.

Sneak 100

Author — Goblin Slayer


3:27 that Russian man has a good point

Author — Mihnea Lazăr


They don’t look little but they are green

Author — burnt f1ames


Well... Papa Putin warned us.


Author — Hermann Fegelein The master of antics


Putin says hes doing this to protect "Russians speakers and natives"? Remember Sudetenland?

Author — Benny Buttcheeks


Invasion without blood.
*AMERICA wants to know your location*

Author — Boogey MANN


*Un marked soldiers invade Ukrainian*

The rest of the world: Russia you know anything about thia?

Putin: Idk who they are :/

Author — DeadRed Cross


These guys are not regulars, They're Spetsnaz!

Author — Chris Pirie


Russia- Invaders Ukraine and takes over ..
Ukrainian military - *am I a joke to you?

Author — Shikhar J Dutta


"Little green Russians" I think you have something wrong there

Author — MishDank 430



*Silent German Crying*

Author — Tobi


Isnt it against the Geneva convention to not be wearing an insignia

Author — Shain Sellah


Damn Russian bears always being bullies. The Ukrainians can never catch a break somehow they are always dragged into some political conflict that leads to war. Its been their history for so long now.

Author — soid drone slayer


The nato states try to ally ukraine to the west. What you expect from russia if nato is playing at their boarders??? Even the Sewastopol Krim is a russia military harbour since 1768. You should look first at history before claiming russia something....

Author — Uncle GT rocks on pvp


invation without fire and deaths. This is something new

Author — GoodStuffe Nough


as the one guy said, we're russian but you dont see sue in your land with guns

Author — my name is my name


Very funny, the United States shouts Venezuela our backyard, do not climb, none of your business, the question is, what are you doing in Ukraine? This is our Russian backyard!

Author — Александр ***