How Does the Internet Work? - Glad You Asked S1

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For most of us, the internet is virtual, made of Instagram posts, emails and YouTube videos. And, access to the vital utility isn’t guaranteed across the world. Glad You Asked host Cleo Abram wants to know: What is the internet actually made of? And, how does it work? Answering that question involves discovering how internet cables are laid in the sea, if 5G is really the future, and how balloons in the stratosphere are helping people connect.

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You could say that shark took a megabyte out of the internet.

Author — Otsile M


"There is no such thing as cloud. Cloud is a marketing term"
Truth has been spoken.
Best definition of cloud i have came accross.

Author — Ashish Ghodake


I'm a telecom engineer and i was fascinated by how entertainingly simple and well edited this video was, congratulations! And also so surprised by so many nonsense comments about everything but the topic itself... :o

Author — FlyEnri


Definitelly a spark between her and the cable lady.

Author — An Dimitris


A moment of appreciation for the intern, who had to cut up all the ones and zeros for that one shot...

Author — Open: filmmakers talk


"it takes a long, long time"

me: expected years
them: 13 days

Author — Arbien John Pajaron


Why do I feel that these guys are pretending to be interested? 🤔

Author — Sam Maxudov


I like the concept and content. But the way it was delivered. I mean, do I really gotta see them flirting with each other?

Explained was perfect.

Author — Sagar G S


Vox: "Internet allows people around the world to connect!"
China: *builds the Great Firewall

Author — c c


This is what the congress people that interviewed Zuckerberg should watch.

Author — Sean Champion-Taylor


*Vox:* "there are lots of people who still don't have reliable internet access."
*Me:* [ _cries in Brazilian ISP transmitted bits_ ]

Author — Evelyn Affonso


Sandeep bohut sahi banda hai
Mere friend group main mila tha
Such a smart guy he is

Author — Ranveer singh Sangha


This video is so weird, the guy just seems mesmerised by her beauty

Author — YTM


As a school teacher I’m always looking for high quality, engaging content. You guys are amazing. Thank you for making such valuable content that I can use with my students.

If you’re looking for ideas... A video on digital footprints would be really interesting (and useful for kids to see). It’s amazing the stuff, good and bad, that our youth post online... and the unintended outcomes that result. Thanks!

Author — Granite Park Video


This video would of been easier to focus on information being delivered, if in between the facts, she didn’t stop to make such corny jokes, embellished reactions

Author — db p


How does the internet work?
Australia; "It doesn't".

Author — Rusty Kinks


I now have an excuse when my teacher asks me why I didn't turn in my work online, I can just say "A shark ate my internet"

Author — SaltyBreadstick


I can't quite place it, but these people are annoying me somehow.

Author — Unfamiliar Light


Was the video about internet or about her & her overacting like she's playing some kind of game

Author — Random Speaker


I’m surprised they didn’t mention Satellite Internet

Author — Jose Deveaux