How Does the Internet Work? - Glad You Asked S1

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For most of us, the internet is virtual, made of Instagram posts, emails and YouTube videos. And, access to the vital utility isn’t guaranteed across the world. Glad You Asked host Cleo Abram wants to know: What is the internet actually made of? And, how does it work? Answering that question involves discovering how internet cables are laid in the sea, if 5G is really the future, and how balloons in the stratosphere are helping people connect.

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You could say that shark took a megabyte out of the internet.

Author — Otsile M


This video is so weird, the guy just seems mesmerised by her beauty

Author — YTM


I'm a telecom engineer and i was fascinated by how entertainingly simple and well edited this video was, congratulations! And also so surprised by so many nonsense comments about everything but the topic itself... :o

Author — FlyEnri


"There is no such thing as cloud. Cloud is a marketing term"
Truth has been spoken.
Best definition of cloud i have came accross.

Author — Ashish Ghodake


A moment of appreciation for the intern, who had to cut up all the ones and zeros for that one shot...

Author — Open: filmmakers talk


Definitelly a spark between her and the cable lady.

Author — An Dimitris


This host lady seems like she’d giggle just eating a Cheerios breakfast cereal in the just because

Must be nice

Author — Demon Returns


How does the Internet work?
Vox: makes a 20 min video
Me: It works nicely.

Author — Indiraben Desai


Why do I feel that these guys are pretending to be interested? 🤔

Author — Sam Maxudov


This is what the congress people that interviewed Zuckerberg should watch.

Author — Sean Champion-Taylor


I like the concept and content. But the way it was delivered. I mean, do I really gotta see them flirting with each other?

Explained was perfect.

Author — Sagar G S


Christopher looks so madly in love with Cleo. He gives that vibes of infactuation. How he looks at her. His body language. He is beyond smitten with her. Im so totally right about this.

Author — Hans Solo


I now have an excuse when my teacher asks me why I didn't turn in my work online, I can just say "A shark ate my internet"

Author — SaltyBreadstick


Transatlantic Cable.
No satellites.
Saved 20min of your time.

Author — Alpha Omega


The only way Internet can be better explained is the way Internet evolved. Start with two computers communicating and then explain how the whole thing scaled out.

Author — samhouston2000


I dont understand why you laugh without reason.. Again n again..

Author — Benny Benny


This is a real example of how next generations are lost on how things work. And not all, just most.

As a Network Engineer for the US Federal Government I spent years studying, practicing, learning and applying these concepts. It amazed my kids when I say, in my home you cannot hide what your doing on the Internet because in most cases I pick your data right out of the air.

It's a lot work, but once I ran Wireshark on my kids text message to each other, and came back and told them what they said. More approximate anyway as packets are lost and encrypted along the way.

The next gen are users and knows how to use it, but are designers to know how things are designed. But the next gen must sit down and begin to learn this stuff or in 30yrs, you will have 70yrs trying to keep up with the ways you guys communicate. Heck, most of you guys believe 40 and 50yrs are old.

In my industry the avg age of a person managing that data center or the network is 50yrs old.

Catch up, or get left behind.

Author — akilla214u2c


it’s like she’s from a black mirror episode or a buzzfeed staff

Author — M JoJo


These comments are annoying. this video is perfect, and catering to wider range audience

Author — Thas Tayapongsak


Who else heard "what they do is, send Baboons into the atmosphere!??"

Author — Ahmed Saffah