Ari Fleischer: White House got fed up with Acosta

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Ari Fleischer: White House got fed up with Acosta 4.5

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says he cannot defend the CNN reporter editorializing his role and says it was unwise of President Trump to call out losing Republican candidates.

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The NATION is fed up with Jim Acost-her.

Author — Draka Von


It took them long enough! Accosta is an embarrassment

Author — darkjedi351


Acosta was done in by his own hubris. Now he's painting himself as the victim. Just like Hillary!

Author — Mr. D.


Hit Thumbs up if you are glad that Jim Acosta was suspended

Author — John Zabik


It really is funny how Jim acts like a child then plays the victim card once an adult has put him in time out. Then he goes on tv crying about how unprofessional the adults are. Someone at CNN needs to change his diaper now.

Author — Bob Loblaw


It's an invasion, and everyone knows it. Jim Acosta says whatever Jeff Zucker wants him to say.

Author — Zachary Rose


This man's totally wrong on Acosta. There was physical contact and Acosta knocked the girls arm down..

Author — girl friday


I have been fed up with Acosta for years now. This is awesome!

Author — Dan Wolfe


Jim Acosta has no business reporting in a free society.
He would fit in well with the propaganda arm of a Communist nation, but not in a free society.
He should report on the horoscope instead, it's more suited to him.

Author — Absaalookemensch


No physical contact my butt - he almost karate chopped her arm. If he had done this to a cop, he would've been arrested

Author — Riq Boze


Can we send Jim Acosta to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul? Wouldn’t that be nice? 😏

Author — EE CC


CNN is nothing but a 24 hour advertisement for the Democrats. Acosta accosted a young girl and had that been Trump doing that it WOULD be played over and over and they would find liars to say he assaulted them too and attempt to impeach him. Fake news is the enemy of the people because they take lies as the truth and really believe Republicans are nazis and white supremacists etc. It is setting the fires of civil discourse and thats why we have these antifa and other hate groups threatening and assaulting people because they believe they are fighting the good fight. The scariest villains are the ones who believe they aren't the villain. I feel like they should shut down the press core meetings as no good is coming from them. Keep tweeting and we get tge truth. God bless AMERICA and our wonderful President Donald Trump.

Author — Todd Kaplan


Fleisher is a bit swamp. Being nice to a leftist get you no further than being nice to a radical muslim

Author — Jerri Croft


Acosta should be banned for life calling the President of the United States racist.

Author — Xantylon74


"Incidental contact"
Ari, are you a criminal attorney? In many jurisdictions such contact -- holding/pushing down her arm -- is sufficient for a charge of assault. As a court officer, I have seen such individuals charged. NO touch is the rule.

Author — cdowis


Fleischer doesn't know what he's talking about when he criticizes the President for enjoying the purge of the rinos. Trumpism is not Bushism. And once the suburban dummies realize that it is Trump for the working man and Trump that knows how to get things done and Trump that restores our preeminent place in the world they will embrace Trumpism with Trumpian candidates. Trump is making the republicans the party of the working man. The democrat gangsters long ago abandoned the working man for their divide and conquer identity groups that they could exploit and feed crumbs ala Tammany Hall.

Author — Mike Hunt


They need to pull April Ryan's credentials next!

Author — Justin Lee 1990


Acosta should have been banned months ago. He doesn't know how to be civil and lacks decorum. Acting like a spoiled brat at every briefing is not journalism.
If he's not going sit down and shut up when he's told to do so, then he deserves his pass pulled.
I'm sure the othe reporters in the press pool, the ones that have respect and common courtesy, must be happy this obnoxious person will no longer be in the room. Now some of the other reporters will get their questions in, now Jim isn't abusing everyone's time.

Author — John Thomas


This President doesn't need to tone down anything! He needs to step it up... Acosta should have been barred from the White House a long time ago !

Author — nofirethanks


Fleischer referred to Acosta's "personal opinions". The interviewers failed to call this out. Acosta is not voicing his "personal opinions". He's voicing the opinions of CNN and the democrat party.

As for Fleischer's opinion as to how the President handled this... it's why Ari is a commentator and no longer in government.

Author — k1mgy