Ari Fleischer: White House got fed up with Acosta

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Ari Fleischer: White House got fed up with Acosta 4.5
Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says he cannot defend the CNN reporter editorializing his role and says it was unwise of President Trump to call out losing Republican candidates.

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Acosta is a DEEP state Punk and these two should be on Fake NEWS CNN.

Автор — A Brit in the Philippines


Hit Thumbs up if you are glad that Jim Acosta was suspended

Автор — John Zabik


Acosta should be banned for life calling the President of the United States racist.

Автор — Xantylon74


Acosta was done in by his own hubris. Now he's painting himself as the victim. Just like Hillary!

Автор — Mr. D.


Jim asked a question and President Trump answered it. Jim didn't like the answer and started arguing with him as if his opinion is more important than Trumps. You ask a question and Trump answered. You then wanted more questions which Trump said no. You refused to give up the mic and allow others to ask questions. Jim was completely in the wrong here no matter how you look at it. This is about the 100th time he has done this. It needed to happen. Jim is an idiot!

Автор — Maryland Bass Hunter


cut Mueller's funding.. ban acosta for life.. CNN is the fake news network and the enemy of the people.

Автор — Mortiky Jones


Fed up with Acosta - and I`m in England !

Автор — Cerebral Moribundity


It's an invasion, and everyone knows it. Jim Acosta says whatever Jeff Zucker wants him to say.

Автор — Zachary Rose


This President doesn't need to tone down anything! He needs to step it up... Acosta should have been barred from the White House a long time ago !

Автор — nofirethanks


Screw Acosta and screw Ari. He is establishment jerk pushing establishment line. Trump is the Anti-establishment person we have needed for 30 years

Автор — Robert Scott


I'm glad they kicked that parasite out of the White House. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍

Автор — Nick Beats


This Ari douche bag wants Trump to talk and act more presidential and politically correct.... Well thats why we elected Trump.... Talks tough, backs it up and actually KEEPS his promises!

Автор — Scotty O


You don't get to push anyone, not even with the back of your hand. You're not allowed to stop an ade from doing their job. Accosts needed to lose his pass a long time ago. Anyone defending Accosta believes being a bully is allowed. Sorry. Its not. You don't get to push any one, any part of someone's body. It is assault. It was obvious it made her uncomfortable. That's all it takes.

Автор — Beth Bob


Jim Acosta, you miserable left wing narcissistic piece of filth, what makes you thing you deserve unlimited time to attack the president when 50 or 60 other REPORTERS are waiting to ask questions?

Автор — SC IA


Acosta NEEDS to punch my fist with his face!!

Автор — Nevada Dan


No physical contact my butt - he almost karate chopped her arm. If he had done this to a cop, he would've been arrested

Автор — Riq Boze


Ari, no one cares what you think about what the President should have done. We the people elected him, not you.

Автор — Joshua Watson


The NATION is fed up with Jim Acost-her.

Автор — Draka Von


They need to pull April Ryan's credentials next!

Автор — Justin Giffei


Acosta did touch the girl with the mic. That is not allowed ever! Two years ago when Trump accidentally brushed a woman reporter, he was attacked by the corrupt media for abusing her. Acosta intentionally touched that girl. What is that called????

Автор — Loathe Democrats