9 Days - From My Window in Aleppo

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9 Days - From My Window in Aleppo 5

Winner of the European Short Film Award at the European Film Awards. In August 2012, Syrian photographer Issa Touma awoke to the dawn of the rebel uprising in the city of Aleppo. He spent the next nine days holed up in his apartment, filming the emerging civil war outside. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads:

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"It's 8:15 AM", says Touma, recording the morning sky and fading moon through his window, on a day that signalled a turning point for life in Syria's largest city. "Strangers take position in my street.” he says, “they look unprepared, without any kind of war experience". Young men in t-shirts, resembling students more than fighters, drag sandbags into a blockade below Touma's window. A rebel appeals by loudspeaker to a regime soldier, "leave your post and come to us!". He is answered by the sound of gunfire. Touma's raw commentary and eye for photographic detail give an unprecedented glimpse into the beginnings of a war that rages to this day.

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Imagine if they had stuff like this back in the 40s

*9 days from my window in Stalingrad*

Author — Zack Zavetnaya


RIP all, who didn't want to take part in war, but died because of it.

Author — Bardinheart


Meanwhile Cardi B is crying because she's eating cereal.

Author — TMCedric


This dude wasn't even scared he was just bored

Author — Hey it's Vipéx


This dude is litterally the embodiment of Switzerland.

Author — Hansa Roos


this dude really just vlogged a freaking war right outside his window

Author — CoolKidSeb


This dudes apartment in the middle of a warzone is nicer than mine....

Author — morty


"This will go on for a long time."
Fast forward 8 years and the war is still going...

Author — Rami Tabaa


Video Correspondent: "My name is Issa Touma"
Arnold: "It's not a touma!!"

Author — mc4906


i feel sorry for this man. looks like a good guy, trapped in a stupid extremist war.

Author — Tomy Dell


This dude is watching Charlie & chocolate factory in middle of ISIS & Syrian forces

Author — Aditya Shinde


And my little brother says he hates his life when he loses his ipad...

Author — Paul George


People think living in America is horrible, I’d like to see them survive a single day in one of these countries

Author — vorples


Yo y’all should feel blessed you weren’t born in a country like this, including myself, don’t take your luxuries for granted

Author — coolbutters


His room looks comfy but..The outside does not

Author — Gaige bennett


Dude's apartment is like a perfect sniping spot lmfao he became a recon outpost for 9 days without being seen by syrian forces.

Author — Meow Meow Fuzzy Face


i remember calling my friend on skype with some friends and a sudden expolosion came from his mic followed by rummble . we asked if all was good . his response : Jeah its ok . a bomb just hit a warehouse few 100 meters away . We are used to it ... when he said that i realised how bad things are for humanity

Author — Genesis Gaming


*إرادة الله*
*People living in first world countries don't understand they have won a lottery they didn't even played*

Author — Endroholic


Y’all Just Seen That Dead Body Being Dragged Like It Was Nothing.

Author — 1 sub before 2021


That man is alive and now he is in france...and i am in aleppo right now but the setuation is good as far after war

Author — وائل العظم -zabonez