How were the pyramids of egypt really built - Part 1

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How were the pyramids of egypt really built - Part 1 3

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About the book:

When construction project manager Chris Massey set off on a surprise trip to Egypt it seemed he was in for a relaxing time - a cruise down the Nile, a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, sunbathing by the Red Sea and guided tours of the most spectacular ancient structures in the world...

But wherever he looked, he saw problems with the perceived wisdom on how the pyramids, temples and tombs of the pharaohs were built:

If limestone blocks were dragged up a mud brick ramp to be placed at the top of the Great Pyramid, where is the evidence of this huge ramp? How could materials such as wooden rollers and mud bricks take the strain put on them by tons of stone? Thousands of men are supposed to have dragged the building blocks across the desert in the searing heat - how did the ancient project managers keep morale up amongst the dusty and tired workforce?

Surely there must have been an easier way? Massey looked around him and saw the greatest resource available to the Egyptians - the waters of the mighty Nile.

This engaging account is the result of Massey's pool-side ponderings, in which he gives a detailed alternative theory of how the ancient Egyptians could have used water to their advantage to make pyramid building much easier.

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This whole system is more difficult to build than the pyramid itself

Author — kay ma


This video should be renamed “How the pyramids were NOT built”

Author — Henry Win


After seeing part 1... I think it’s safe to say their will be no need to watch part 2!🙈😩😂

Author — M P


Exactly how many goat skins are required to float a 2.5 ton block?

Author — Bonafide


After finishing this video.
All I know is, If newton was alive and saw this he would be choked to death, so it's better that he died from Mercury poisoning.

Author — Taki Clinton Harness


why dont we create our cruise ships and tankers out of these goat skins? godamn, the efficiency of those skins.

Author — Scott Johnson


Good guess but it wouldn't work. The weight of the water would not be sustainable. Back to the drawing board.

Author — Happy Chappy


Is there any evidence that the Egyptians could build a 180 yrd long watertight stone tube capable of containing thousands of tones of water and pump that tube full of water? The outward pressure at the bottom of the tube would be enormous and need to be made out of steel or reinforced concrete to withstand the pressure, neither of which were invented until thousands of years after the pyramids were built.
To float a stone weighing 5t the volume of air filled bladders would be 5+ cubic yards. Thats a lot of volume that needs to fit in the vertical shaft along along with the stone it’s floating. Don’t forget the heaviest stones were 60 tons and would require exponentially more floatation.

Author — stuart cole


who ever made this studies, all i can say, completely idiots! IMPOSSIBLE!

Author — Datuh Untah C. Antoy



Author — najihishamkv


You forget about gravity, and water doesn't lie

Author — Louis Edwards


Nope ... we only have 2 options..
1. The Egyptian have a anti-gravity technology. Or
2. Highest intelligent intervention.

Author — Gag 88


The movie Stargate is more realistic than this video.

Author — 21daytona502


With so many gates...would there not be slots or related items found ? I guess I need to read the book...
Also so much water, once past the harbor, to use and recirculate so not to keep it stagnant would be a tremendous task alone.

Author — Eduardo Tosky


How the hell those large blocks defines gravity and goes up

Author — intelligence exists


It's a theory....but I don't think this one holds water(pun intended).
Building the water system and gathering enough animal bladders would probably take a lifetime....much like the theory of building ramps....sorry but not possible...Alien builders is a more realistic possibility.

Author — francesco perri


When does the video explaining how the water system was built come out?

Author — John M Stump


it would take them longer to build a sealed water system and shafts than the pyramid

Author — KB Eightyseven


Send me some of what you have been smoking

Author — Jim Murphy


All blocks processed from Mud and heat to make it like stone and in correct shape

Author — Deevog