DON'T Come to Canada 🇨🇦 if ...

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DON'T Come to Canada 🇨🇦 if ... 4

DON'T Come to Canada if...get to know the top reasons!
In this video you will get to know 5 reasons why Canada might NOT be the right choice for you.

Video guide to the Step by Step Process for Canada PR ( Express Entry 2018)"

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You're spot on my friend. Nice video. One thing to note is that people will eventually get acclimated to weather here. It's also interesting to note that there are a great number of "Born in Canada" people who can't stand winter. Most of them never travel outside of the city however were winter can be quite beautify if you're dressed properly. There are parts of the country were winters are quite mild, however it rains a lot which many people find difficult to handle and it's very expensive because so many people want to live there.

Your comment about Canada not being a gateway to the USA is 100% true. I was born here and it would be very difficult for me to get long-term work in the US despite having the skills that are in very high demand. I have connections in the industry and can get work but I would be subject to being sent back home after 18-24 months, then wait and start.

I loved the couple cuddling under the blanket under the background. I can tell it wasn't that cold by the dress of others. Was that a clever plant on your part to emphasize your point. Like Rico, I can't help but wonder what the heck they were doing...

Author — pjwlk


Don’t listen to anyone if you’re coming to Canada it’s most nice and beautiful country if you are young and you want to work hard you can live here I am living in Canada over 18 years .you will always find good or bad people . I am from India Punjab I came here with nothing and not even speak English or French I do speak both language if you are positive you will make it anywhere. I wish you all the your

Author — Jimmy Singh


Brother earning money is not easy in any country

Author — Naveen Malguri


I am living in canada .. but i dont agree with him. If u guys want to come canada .. just keep my little words in your mind " your life your experience... Do not follow anybody... "

Author — Parveen Dhir


No matter where you live in whole have to work hard 😓 to achieve your goals

Author — ps Ireland


Living in Canada is cheaper if you live outside the city, grow your own food, learn how to build your own things, fix your own car, and so on. Then you can commute to the city and back. The cold winter is not that bad IF you are prepared for it and know how to dress for it. As long as you are warm then it can actually be fun. That's why there's so many winter sports and also the big Bonhomme Winter Carnival in Quebec City. There are great advantages to Canadian winters too that nobody thinks about (until summer comes), such as there are ZERO bugs. All those little creatures that like to bite you are non-existent. I don't know where they go, but there's no mosquitoes, house flies, bats, etc. When it gets really stormy we have days off - snow days - when we have no choice but stay home and not go to work, or school. Life in Canada is not so much about making as much money as possible; it's about being happy and living in peace. It's pretty hard to fight wars when it's 25 degrees below zero outside; much easier to make peace and share a hot drink by a warm fire.

Author — Paul Dickie


here's the deal... if you're Serious about Canada, Canada is serious about you....please don't mess it up ...!

Author — Joe Maldonado


Hi Friend,

Then why your staying in Canada, you can stay in India as well...

Author — ravi


i am here watching and wondering what that man and woman was doing under that sheet in the hot sun

Author — Rico Browne


All these reasons are not good enough to discourage someone from going to Canada.

Author — Mina Agbo


A maid cost 25 to 30 an hour. Canada is about equality and treating people as such.

Author — Gracy Jones


Those who work hard 😓 won't be rich ... only got enough for spending their life ....but those who use their mind and ideas 💡 they will be rich one ☝️ day... definitely....

Author — S M


So why you are living there you should come back ...😏😏

Author — Diksha Lalhotra


Canada, naturally beautiful country! If anyone not tied all their happiness with just money, it is a well deserved place to live!!

Author — Arun Babu


the couples in background were so cute

Author — MM Creation


My reaction after watching this? Whatever you hear at 4:06.

Author — Nithyanandh Mahalingam


After hearing the first one, I thought this was a joke video.

Author — Washademoak


Im from chennai next week, i'm coming canada regarding of Job.

Author — Sam Kingsly


$14 an hour is more than the $5.25 and hour minimum wage here in the Bahamas

Author — ASMR 101


When he was talking about the cold weather, suddenly a voice came in my mind "Piche to Dekhho"...

Author — Jaskaran Kalra