2 PLAYER PERFECT STEALTH GUIDE (THE BIG CON, $2,427,000) | GTA Online Casino Heist Finale

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2 PLAYER PERFECT STEALTH GUIDE (THE BIG CON, $2,427,000) | GTA Online Casino Heist Finale 5

This is a guide and walk-through for The Big Con Gruppe Sechs approach in the GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist. This will show you how to get every bit of money, including from the second hidden/secret vault without losing any money. I hope it helps!

Hidden in plain sight achievement guide

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Author — TGG


3:16 "who's nervous? Not this sweaty mess on the gaming chair"

He's talking about himself or us?

Author — Don't question my comment


“You looking for the vault?”
“Vault right up ahead”
“Let me show you where the vault is”

*Why yes, thank you .*

Author — what?


No one:
Lester: PeOpLe tHaT iS ThE mOtHeRlOaD

Author — Elhami Musliu


Gosh I wish my casino heist went like that. Goodness that was clean

Author — anthony rincon


Wow I didn’t know about the secret vault with more cash that’s amazing.

Author — Allen Nixon


i swear, ya loose so much time with those damn between action animations and crap >:(

Author — Aaron Brockington


Yep nothing wrong with 2 swat guys walking around the casino.
Yep that’s my casino every single day

Author — cats united


My favorite one. Enter in as guards, exit as SWAT team. Easy.

Author — xXSilentAgent47Xx


Gruppe Sechs is actually "Group 6" in German, but I do get the joke there

Author — Kingman


Poor guard nobody told him that he was going to get smacked in the face by a leprechaun trying to get his money back from the vault

Author — Poke Mon


What the hell was that punch?
Did he stop the guys heart or something?
Oh gta logic. 😏

Author — WithyBog92838


I love how those three NPCs tried to stand down a massive armored van as it honks for them to move.

Author — MystikSpiral


Ah man its a long, hard and rough job being a *Gruppe sechs* Security Officer.

Author — mister x THE GETMAN


When they notice the vault has been robbed, the exit disguises doesnt show up

Author — Niklas Eldevik


Btw you can sprint through the entire security at the start, as long as it’s white you can literally just run jump through it, only time you need to be careful is when you they get alerted after going back upstairs

Author — Absoluxe


I just did this with my friend, our take was 3M because we obviously did the gold glitch. successful, thanks!

Author — damn


that moment when you play since 2013 and realising in 2019 that it is a groupsex van -_-

Author — Dr.Joint420


Lester: oh yea let's rob this thing

He is relaxed like they gonna rob the mini store or gas station not the freakin' casino

Author — Brown_Balkan Bear


Group Sechs is, in my opinion, the finest Rockstar Joke ever.

Author — SativaTalks