The Last 8 Tails || “Trust Issues” || Ep.1 ||

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The Last 8 Tails || “Trust Issues” || Ep.1 || 5

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So she wears all black!?!

She need some color

Please tell me I’m not being mean...

Pin cuz why not 😌

Author — Yasmina Olimjonova


Alex: “i’m the last 8 tailed”
Me: yoU ONly hAve 6 TaiLS

Author — Savannah Jessen


"Crying is not going to solve anything"

*She Has a point there.*

Author — •Gacha Strawberry Allison•


This is a noice movie but how do I animate the characters?

Author — Esther Carvajal


Alex; **has long hair**
Also Alex; **pulls up hair**
Alex’s hair; *“and for my next trick, I will disappear”*

Author — xX_•June•_Xx


Wat da fudge, this is soooo cute, that being single is more and more sad 😢

Author — Juliet Valle



Me: *me thinking* I’ve never had one of those before

Author — Tian Xia


Mean girl: *lying to teacher*
Alex: she’s lying!
Aiden: *doenst even say anything*

Author — Pariss X


"crying is not gonna help you"

me:Aight you have a point

Author — Black trio :3


I didn’t know if I should watch this or not, I just paused the intro at 0:01 second, you have my trust

Author — Connie the bunny Yt


She's like: "there is one person who cares about me" NAH THROW IT AWAY

The one who wants to kill her: YES HE'S FRIENDLY AND CUTE


Author — Patricia Besze


If I were that girl and the teacher said :
“Your late young lady!”
Me: oH Oh SCarY Oh oH ShIveR mE TImBerS!

Author — The Insanity’s


I know an animal has 8 tails and that is a kitsune

Author — Cresan Gestiada


“That brat is lying”

Principal: *believes her*

Security cameras and aiden: *doesnt exist*

Author — Simonx Killer12


Aiden: WHO HURT YOU?!?!?
Me: bish she literally just said 'mY sO cALLeD pArEnTs'

Author — xX Di5co Xx


I know one!!!!

When she is taking a shower get a bucket of water and ice and pure it on her he he he UWU

Author — Dick Cashwell


Ok not to be rude my why is the blue haired dude not helping like WTH why did he not tell the stupid teacher what really happened!?!?

Author — #Eclipse_ Studios


Aiden: Who hurt you
Me: Her so called “parents”
Alex: My “so called parents”
Aiden: Who hurt you!?
Me: Bruh, we literally just told you.
Alex: no one
Me: So we’re gonna just ignore the whole “sO cAlLeD pArEnTs” thing. That’s crazy

Author — Pieces of Garbage Studios


I had no clue what his name was and was like “I feel likes it’s Aidan” then he said “Aiden” and I got happy. 😂

Author — Sierra


Me: *Casually makes a dum and ugly stupid voice for beth*
My parents: What a stupid voice-
Me: *Its for to kill beth-*
My parents: Bye-
Me: Bye
My parents: we're back
Me: Welcome back

Author — Error Sans