Upper Canada Village

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Upper Canada Village 4.5
Reconstitution d'un village qui aurait pu exister, en Ontario, le long du fleuve saint Laurent.

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This is a village for tourists! They don't actually live like that anymore! They show them how people used to live back in the day. It is a museum village.

Author — Cameostar


Looks like a film set. Do people really wear these type of clothes? Looks like ancient Britain

Author — Palash Gogoi


really soooo beautiful .i wish i could be there

Author — Kumari Tamang


they dont want to live in today's lifestyle. free from aggressive and material world. thanks

Author — L Sticker


Simple and wonderful life. Thanks a lot from India!!

Author — MegaSiddharth100


Tourism beautiful way of doing it keeping the culture alive Canada one of the best countries to live next life

Author — Marookh Mirza


Life seem to be peaceful and very healthy, greenery. Wish I will visit one day.

Author — Ada ARIINA


Survivors! Hard working folks living off the grid. Awesome!

Author — Irene Stolz


It's very nice, simple and peaceful living, I like such a beautiful houses, (HO GOD BLESS ME AND GRANT ME SMALL HOUSE FOR MY KIDS)

Author — Muhammad Rasheed


It would be great If they really live like this life.👍

Author — mohammed Ibrahim


C'est du côté anglophone, pas très loin de la capitale Ottawa, et effectivement pas très loin non plus de US. Mais dans le village, c'est écrit en anglais et en français. Il y a bien de la documentation en français.
Bonne journée.

Author — EvianImages


I remember visiting here in the very early 70s. I'd just had my legs removed from casts, having broken them skiing, and really struggled up the stairs to the lumber room!

Author — Steve Price


No matter what beauty we build but I always choose natural beauty.

Author — Dwasa Thapa


Beautiful place! Wish i could live there:~)

Author — michael bauzon


Aonde fica este lugar, pois é um lugar maravilhoso

Author — jan herbert keil


i visited the village in 2017 its amazing to see how people used to live 200 years ago.

Author — Khalid Lone


I like to stay in Canada . It's really beautiful . It is just like a dream land .

Author — abdul sathar