UP Woman Shot In Face When She Stopped Dancing, Shows Chilling Video

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UP Woman Shot In Face When She Stopped Dancing, Shows Chilling Video 4.5

A woman in Uttar Pradesh's Chitrakoot is critical after she was shot in the face last week when she stopped dancing at a wedding. The bizarre incident has been caught on a video where the young woman, who was part of a dancing group, is seen on the stage with a co-performer.

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And on other hand UP govt. is protecting cows and building statues

Author — Subham Das


Modi's, Shah's and Yogi's dreams coming true!

Author — Unspoken Truth


Nirmala: increasing onion price doesn't worry me because I don't eat them.
Modi & Yogi: increasing crime on women doesn't worry me because I don't have daughters or wife.

Author — shaik raheem


Please forward the case to "telengana police"

Author — mohammad nehal


UP should lead the list of most pathetic places in the world.

Author — Soumen Ghosh


Just don't know where we all are heading....

Author — Siddharth Daniel


This is new India. Economy has gone down. But now security law and oder has also gone down.

Author — Amit Paul Ekka


This is how UP embraces its so called tradition. The Irony is this news came out after "5 days".

Author — Veervenky Venkat


We get a society like this when we promote communal hatred and injustice, courtesy our criminal leaders.

Author — Mohammed Abdul Wahab Khan


It is just getting out of hand, this is not humanity.... A dancer is an entertainer trying to keep food on the table for her family and then these men talk about Ram Rajya.... They shall be killed in the same way, even Karma doesn't hit these idiots back why?



U.P police don't have guts to take any action on its own --- they are bunch of thullas thats all --

Author — prince babu


This is the reason we dont allow cows in our southrn politics..

Author — vip sangam


So mirzapur series is based on reality.

Author — Sourabh


बलात्कारी और खुनी है भाजपा का उ.प्र...

Author — dinesh kaste


Is aadmi ka encounter karke btao nahi to lanat hai is desh pe.

Author — Mehul Mewal


Wah wah BHOGI JI
congratulate Up
Aur do vote Hindu Muslim pe

Author — Shaz Samankhan


Telengana police & govt ne jo kia

Woh Taklu karwa skta h ?

Author — Ri chie


UP is full of phsyco's they become more powerful from their political affiliations & become famous for their Notorious nature. Nothing has changed in the new govt regime

Author — aditya singh


This is insane!! Another perfect example of lawless society. With no fear of law

Author — Santosh D


And people be like "SAB CHANGA SI, ALL IS WELL". hum kis gali jaa rhey hai, we have no idea.

Author — channel now changed