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Caught On CCTV: Neighbourhood Watching (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5

Britain is the CCTV capital of the world, with an estimated 6m cameras monitoring our every move. And increasingly, it’s ordinary homeowners keeping watch on our streets. As the cost of private camera systems has fallen to as little as £100, today there’s a new army of CCTV owners capturing footage 24/7.

This documentary explores the rise in British domestic CCTV use through the extraordinary footage captured by home surveillance cameras, and the dramatic, funny and bizarre stories of those behind – and in front of – the lens.

From mysterious acts of car vandalism in a picturesque village, to a decade-long neighbourhood dispute, and an outrageous garden robbery, this entertaining film explores the growing impact of domestic CCTV on our lives.

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The kitten killer needed more jail time for her crime, inhumane !

Author — *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl


Try this in US!!!
The homeowners are more dangerous than the intruders!!!

Author — Ibrahim Shaikh


25:00 So if this thing has been terrorizing this elderly couple like this for fourteen years...its obvious the police and justice system in Britain is useless

Author — Dusty


i felt bad for the bike rider honestly he seemed genuinely sorry and got death threats for an accident

Author — Sienna Ellis


Pretty bad when someone nicks your lawn.

Author — David Straub


tell me where that old couple live and il go sort her neighbour out today

Author — nwo


Cheers to the lady dancing at the bus stop 😂😂😂

Author — Mary Mar


You did that dancing girl dirty, she wasn't doing anything wrong bless her 😂🤣

Author — Rachel *Raych* Walden


The lady with the mini.... no car is worth risking your life for. I don't get it.

Author — Kindness, cupcakes and crazy


Thanks for sharing Andrew’s side of the Story.

Author — Chaim Schechter


so exposing yourself is 5 years, but killing other's animals and demonstrating psychopathy is nothing?
i think UK judges need a hammer license.

Author — morthim


The British have reduced the English language down to a series of grunts and unfinished words.

Author — paradisemace1


If that woman was terrorising my house women or not I’m breaking her nose

Author — JennaTools


Humans are the scariest animals on earth.

Author — Mr. Nobody


10:00 that poor lady was just having a morning jam while waiting for the bus!

Author — Michael Stevens


Cameras tend to smarten up nasty neighbors, they don't like to be recorded.

Author — Stella Luuk


My heart goes out to the old couple, God love them.

Author — Kieran Miskell


The kitty story broke my heart, I dread to think what I would have done if he was one of mine!

Author — Chris Lee - UK


..the woman neighbor of the old couple is obviously harassing them! That's terrible! She's sick.. She should be in prison

Author — Precious Hani


I don’t understand, is it really that hard to get a crazy neighbor sent away for harassment, wtf.