MTG Lore: The Rise of Kozilek

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It begins, the latest chapter in the ongoing Magic: The Gathering storyline. Oath of the Gatewatch is upon us and so is a new threat, which is a lot more similar than we'd all care to admit.

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All credit for artwork and story used goes to WOTC, their original artists and writers!

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I am so excited about this! Can't wait for next Uncharted Realms!

Author — Milo HoBo


Great to see the lore videos again! I can't wait for more stories to come out and to finally see how this set ends. Hope we get a trailer too at some point. Great video! Obi makes a great villain and hopefully he shows up in future sets as the main villain. Also, you wonder what Emrakul is up to during all this. I can just see it, Gatewatch defeats Ulamog and Kozilek and they are spent. All of a sudden, BAM, Emrakul. Poor Jace, Chandra, Gideon and Nissa if that happens haha

Author — M-Falcon Gaming


What will become of Zendikar now there are two titans on the loose? Can the combined powers of the planeswalkers stop them? What's with Chandra's sudden appearance? And is anybody safe with the all powerful black demon planeswalker Ob Nixilis the on their tails. All this and more will be answered on the next episode of BFZ: Oath of the Gate Watch.

Author — Zavian Cannon


Yo this is gonna be so good! Cant wait for it to drop

Author — Arden McBride


why, why am i rooting for the eldrazi

Author — Christian Mark Gerard T. Tuvera


i thought the card saying fall of the titans (something like that) from oath pretty much confirms chandra burns them to a crisp because she had another rush of mana surge through her.

Author — TarolinSchofield


+SeibenMTG I was wondering, do you ever plan on making another living lore video? i really enjoyed your tibalt video and id like to see more. Thanks Seiben :)

Author — Verore Bloodhelm


The card (Kozilek's Return) was my promo for pre-release last night

Author — Hatcher P


RIP most powerful sea creature on Zendikar, Lorthos. ;(

Author — WrightJustice


This is probably going to have a MK deadly alliance ending Ulamogh and Kozilak will 'win' but then they'll turn on each other and beat the **** out of each other

Author — Zachary Cheung


thanks for another great vid mate. I love eldrazi.

Author — misanthrope4life


This made me think that the Eldrazi kind of reminded me of the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Author — naejin


I feel like before the story won't end, it will do a time skip where we will spend 2 years on other sets like in inistrad with whole new plane walkers and character before "The Revenge Of Zandikar: Part 3. This time, it's personal"

Author — Darko Atanackovic


Sooo, ulamog is released, and bfz didn't do that mutch in the end, we now have 2/3 instead of only 1 titan, and ulamog did quite the reckoning allready. Idk how zendikar still have something left to fight with beside the planeswalkers

Author — Aura


Obby = Leroy Jenkins.

"Congratulations, you've doomed the multiverse"

Author — Existential Error


I need that Gideon, Nissa, Jace picture, it is hilarious. Can anyone link it?

Author — britzscissorhands


Could Ob Nixilis be one of Lilianas four demon lords?



good god do I love Ob Nixilis and his evil diuchebag ways. more please

Author — mitsuruugi


But what about Kozi's wake? Those weird geomactrical patterns in the ground?

Author — Nikata Nyx


why cant eldrazi be planeswalker slivers :c

Author — Method Jeff Fan Account