Top 10 Countries by Fastest Growing Economy (1961-2017)

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Top 10 Countries by Fastest Growing Economy (1961-2017) 4
This video shows the countries with the fastest growing economy. The rankings are based on annual % of GDP growth. In this video you can also see what the GDP growth of the entire world is at the same time.

Disclaimer: Territories are not included in this video, only the 195 UN members/observers as well as Taiwan and Kosovo.

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*Iraq joins the chat*
Knock knock its The United States
*Iraq left the chat*

Author — Crusader Boy 9000


Congratulations! New item discovered: Oil

Author — Burnt Lamp


2:19 Venezuela: sorry this is the wrong chat.

Author — Nacho Merino


Venezuela was like "oh wait im the wrong race. My bad"

Author — yololikeyoumeanit


I don't get it, it's 3 AM, I'm supposed to be sleeping, yet I can't stop watching these videos! Those numbers and bars going up and down are so mesmerizing to watch...

Author — Jonathan


2008 depression: Lemme just...oh hell yeah

Author — Shark171


3:55 *libya hit that top 1 like a truck*

Author — cym


1980 Iraq the fastest growing economy
saddam declared war on Iran
1990 Iraq the fastest growing economy
saddam declared war on kuwait
2001 iraq started using euro instead of dollar
u.s declared war on Iraq

Author — ghaith riyadh


Most of these county were hype at economy only at their independence

Author — Don't subscribe please


ahhh, nothing as crisp and refreshing as the dreams of the newly-independent African nations being utterly bulldozed.

Author — johngojohngo


Great vid although misleading since GDP growth is measured in percentage relative to the current economic size.

Also lots of these are experiencing rapid capital recovery as people return to work and markets after long civil wars etc, so appear to be ‘growing’ but are simply recovering. Libya at the end is a good example.

Author — Will Bentley


Notice how the Middle Eastern countries were actually doing well and then BOOM, *USA JOINS THE CHAT*

Author — The Dark Potato Rises


Change title to "Top 10 highly unstable economy"

Author — Louis Hitman


World economy: grows
Global financial crisis: you weren't supposed to do that.

Author — IAmSeamonkey


*Where is my country???*

*Oh i forgot it, i live in Mexico l:*

Author — Donald Trump


3:56 Libya : "look at my boosters"
* Few months later *
4:02 Libya : "I give up"
4:20 Libya : "I'm back"

Author — Jack Wong0818


This is called catch-up effect in macroeconomics, where developing countries' economy grow faster and easier than developed countries with high economy level

Author — Rahul Pangeranta Ginting


Interesting how Libya shoots up to higher than any other country ever, then suddenly drops when Gaddafi is killed...

Author — Slothium


I watched the entire video expecting *INDIA* to show up

Author — Shroud's girl


I am proud as a Korean. One of the only countries that made it out the mid-economny trap

Author — 러남이