Jake Tapper Destroyed Bill O'Reilly On Twitter

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Jake Tapper Destroyed Bill O'Reilly On Twitter 5

The host of 'The Lead with Jake Tapper' didn't mince words in his rebuttal to a recent Twitter insult from Bill O'Reilly.

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"History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes" what a wonderful and depressingly true quote.

Author — Chuck PK


Jake Tapper seems like a well informed and level headed guy, with a strong touch of wry humor behind a (mostly) serious countenance.
I like him.

Author — camelshit


"I'm a journalist so I like to explain things and I felt he was using the word low incorrectly"

Oh god that burn, there isn't enough ointment on earth. Not only calling Bill out for his sexual harrassment, but mocking his intelligence AND basically pointing out that O'Reilly isn't a journalist, that's so beautifully layered

Author — Lee GaryB


Jake you are smart, intelligent and hot.

Author — krish tharu


Sen. Joe McCarthy's co-counsel was Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn was Trump's best friend in the 80s. Trump abandoned Cohn when it was revealed Cohn had AIDS. Trump shouting "McCarthyism!" is quite an irony.

Author — Andrew Smith


Jake tapper is a decent man, therefore he can never become a President... Harvey Weinstein, maybe.

Author — sidd joshi


Tell me why I'm suddenly attracted to Jake Tapper <3

Author — Christine E


Jake Tapper is LITERALLY saying the EXACT SAME THINGS that I told my husband just hours before this aired. Almost verbatim. Wow. He speaks for me. I believe original sources support what he is saying, because those are things I myself have utilized to do the same. He has my support. I thank God he is willing to ask the pointed questions I myself want to ask the powers that be. I don't respect publications that go easy on politicians & refuse to hold them accountable for their words & deeds. Each choice those ppl make has consequences. We need to be informed. I respect any journalist that aides us in that in a credible way.

Author — Funni~Burnz


You know things are bad when people cheer for the truth.

Author — Unknown Prodigy


3:04 "There aren't two sides when it comes to the truth. There's one side--the truth."
Jake Tapper is one the best journalists today!!!

Author — loved012one


Jake Tapper' rising profile is probably the only good thing coming out of Drumpfs election

Author — Merel


"I'm not supposed to make you feel better, I'm supposed to tell you what's actually going on." Damn. If only more people understood that about the media.

Author — Jimy Young


Bill O'Reilly, the fellow who got _fired_ from _Fox News_ for being a _sexual predator_ accusing Jake Tapper and CNN of declining ratings? Normally, I really like irony, but this is a little too much.

Author — Fauler Perfektionist


I actually like Jake Tapper. He is one of the few respectable journalists on mainstream media.

Author — K F


I think I have a crush on Jake Tapper 🤔

Author — Ani Makigio


He's just so matter-of-fact.. even in his humor. I love it LMFAO

Author — ChrisOnAWave


Jake tapper is a low key savage thats what makes him so cool

Author — XeroFailGames


_Rating go up, Rating go down but that's low..._
A line Fox news can never understand.

Author — the_dead_poet


I just love Jake Tapper. I would have to say that Jake is my favorite with Anderson Copper a quick second. Keep up the good work CNN. It's your job to make sure our government stays truthful. Heaven knows Fox News isn't going to do it, they're basically the "government" run news.

Author — Kim Huff


Jake is a brilliant journalists and a decent man

Author — hard core