Dotted Earrings - Polymer Clay Tutorial - Full process | Ana Belchí

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¿Quieres saber cómo hacer un patrón de agujeros perfecto?
¿Se te resisten los degradados?
En este video vamos a aprender a hacer las dos cosas.
El proyecto consiste en nos pendientes compuestos por dos capas separadas entre ellas, un degradado impecable y un patrón de agujeros perfecto.
Los colores que hemos usado son:
- Cernit Metallic – ref. 052 – Oro Rosa
- Cernit Metallic - ref. 059 – Bronce antiguo
- Cernit Metallic - ref. 169 – Hematite

Want to know how to make a perfect hole pattern?
Are gradations difficult to you?
In this video we are going to learn how to do both things.
The project consists in a pair of earrings composed of two separate layers, an impeccable gradation and a perfect hole pattern.
- Cernit Metallic - ref. 052 - Pink Gold
- Cernit Metallic - ref. 059 - Antique bronze
- Cernit Metallic - ref. 169 – Hematite

Vous voulez savoir comment réaliser un motif de perforations parfait ?
Les dégradés sont-ils difficiles pour vous ?
Dans cette vidéo, nous allons apprendre à faire les deux choses.
Le projet consiste en une paire de boucles d'oreilles composées de deux couches séparées, d'une gradation impeccable et d'un motif de trous parfait.
- Crénit Métallisé - réf. 052 - Or rose
- Crénit Métallisé - réf. 059 - Bronze antique
- Crénit Métallisé - réf. 169 – Hématite

Vuoi sapere come fare un modello di fori perfetto?
Le gradazioni sono difficili per voi?
In questo video impareremo a fare le due cose.
Il progetto consiste in un paio di orecchini composti da due strati separati, una gradazione impeccabile e un perfetto schema di fori.
- Cernit Metallic - rif. 052 - Oro rosa
- Cernit Metallic - rif. 059 - Bronzo antico
- Cernit Metallic - rif. 169 – Ematite

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I am absolutely certain that this is the best tutorial that I’ve ever watched. With templates tip and clear instructions bravo and love from Scotland x

Author — Gary Mcdowall


Such a creative design, and so expertly and patiently executed. These are rwally unique and beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Author — Eileen Gavin Larsen


It's so thoughtful of you to provide English subtitles, thank you! Your videos are relaxing and a pleasure to watch, but also very informative if I want to learn from your technique.

Author — erectionspecter


Wonderful tutorial; thanks for sharing. I especially like how you shared tips like adjusting your Skinner blend after it is completed and using the baked snake pieces to adhere the front and back, making it appear to float.

Author — grittykitty50


Thanks for this wonderful tutorial, Ana! I love your method of perfectly aligning the front and back pieces. ❤️

Author — Margaret Schindel


Espectacular Ana, como todas las cosas que haces !! Gracias por el tutorial ! ❤

Author — Vanessa Saenz


Preciosos Ana, y como siempre fantástica explicación. Muchas gracias por compartir!

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You are amazing! Thank you for this magnificent tutorial. I see you are a perfectionist like me! I love it!

Author — Em on Google


I am so in love with all of your beautiful videos. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are such a beautiful and kind soul. ❤🤗❤

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Bárbaro!!!! Me encantó Abrazos de Argentina

Author — ana maría drago de rollán


espero en Dios poder iniciar en éste maravilloso arte para cambiar mi vida, gracias por enseñay y gracias a dios los tutos son en español, sufrí un infarto cerebral y no alcanzo a leer subtitulos, bendiciones

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Me ha encantado el video y como explicas, que profesional. Muchísimas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

Author — Hiurma Delgado


You are such a genius Ana !! I love your work.. Thank you for everything..

Author — Caroline Pinelli


C'est beau!! :o
Et ça a l'air facile, enfin.. j’essaierais peut être plus tard quand je maîtriserais plus la polymère, merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo

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Bravo! Me encantó cada paso, muchísimas gracias!

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Oh these are just gorgeous, Thank you for sharing x

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Anothother superb video. You devise such clever ways to produce jewelry that is of an excellent standard. Thank you for sharing your talent. Carol UK

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Sus trabajos y explicaciones son exquisitos! Muchas gracias.

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merci pour tous ces conseils et ces merveilles !! tout est magnifique !

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Diferentes y muy muy bonitos. Gracias Ana!

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