New Free internet WIFI 100% Life Time - New Ideas Free internet at home.

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New Free internet WIFI 100% Life Time - New Ideas Free internet at home. 4.5
Hello all friend my channel want to show our about technology and bricklaying daily upload videos .

New Free internet WIFI 100% Life Time - New Ideas Free internet at home.
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esa tarjeta sin tiene que estar con linea activa de cualquier telefonia?

Author — milagros rangel


you never show us the wifi or data condition as an continue researching

Author — Tyson Kamau


he want us to know how to charge cellphone without plugging to 220 volts or 110 volts ha ha ha

Author — Jirah Marteja


Algum brasileiroo nessa bagaça procurando resposta que comfirme se deu certo isso

Author — JF JF PLAY


remove the chager as soon tou plug it to show that there is no nternet
dont confuse people your phone has had its own interninet hidden

Author — Twaibu Mikidadi


hahaha your magic revealed what is different Download and Downloaded.... every videos you play already Downloaded meaning no need to connect to wifi or Data..its ready to view to play... :-)

Author — JayMark Oracion


Kkkkk fake. Por que desativou a área de notificação onde mostra a conectividade do 4G e Wifi??

Author — Berg Lima


Man.. I've noticed something.. you did not show your connectivity of your mobile phone.. i think you've got a load plan.. you never showed data or wifi connection

Author — Jamjura Cajara


chal mere put teno allah hisab lao tere kolon jhutya

Author — bilal 74


Note that a magnet, sparkplug, AA batteries, hot glue, and wire dont magically pull cell data or wifi signals out of thin air. Furthermore, any of the other similar videos you see with them attaching a sim card to a similar contraption is only possible if it is an active and has a paid data service enabled on it, which then would no longer qualify as free as they would have you believe.

The closest you are going to come to free internet is by leeching off someone's wifi that you know the password to or via a public access point.

Give this idiot, click-baiting, no job loser a thumbs down. Hopefully he wont get recommended to others and will cease to make $ while wasting our time.

99% of the time if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is not true...

Author — Scott Rocks


Cara o meu deu certo. Nunca mas vou pagar Internet na minha vida 😍😍😍

Author — Bisteca Assada


El cable que se hace en espiral, es de cobre?

Author — Juan José Álvarez López


El chip q puso minuto el q tiene internet....😅

Author — Ruddy Navarrete


Kepentingan content, rish aja account kaya gini dan sejenisnya

Author — gary the snail


Jangan bikin kontel lagi bro ....ilmu yg anda berikan semuanya hampa gak ada hasilnya

Author — Gustimeraban Gustimeraban


Dilihatin dong bang mode datanya..yg setuju lex..

Author — alx prasetio prasetio


Question dose the SIM card has to b new or an old 1 good

Author — Humper Jones


Every one is commenting on this buddy did any one tried it out....???

Author — Babar Shah


Hanya orang bodoh yg tertarik sama tutorial seperti ini

Author — Aziz Almukhtar


El chip que utilizan debe de ser un chip con datos o no ????

Author — Edgar Cardenas Anchiraico