Creative father designs safety pod to protect baby from coronavirus in China

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Creative father designs safety pod to protect baby from coronavirus in China 5
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A father from eastern China’s Shanghai designed a safety pod to protect his baby from coronavirus. The pod is equipped with a filter and a monitor showing the air quality.

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Life for this little one will be interesting, considering their father is basically Tony Stark

Author — Grass


Wow, a Death Stranding and a Resident Evil fan

Author — Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun


I wish he'd make one _ADULT_ size
so I could chill in one.

Author — 1hourOfLove


These days seems like any science fiction horror movie.

Author — MINHO KIM


his baby is soooo cute, almost mistook him for a doll.

Author — feigned reality


Maybe if this earth's too polluted, that'd be our future suits.

Author — Hana Cho


I hope the gaming company doesn't sue him.

Author — NikMon


This guy has huge presence of mind. Great invention.

Author — d'joy S


Asian: overreacting
West: underestimating

Author — 0209alcem


Quarantine made him so bored so he created this.

Author — Daniel Yusuke Shimizu


That looks like the pod that baby superman arrived to earth in

Author — AMaZ0


If there are coronaviruses near him, he will be able to see them bc of the bridge baby. 😁

Author — Dendi Kurniawan


He ain’t design this! These pods were already shown in the American Movie “The Giver” years ago!

Author — Casey


I see that he's also a Resident Evil fan...

Author — Angelo Veloso


Are we living on Earth or some other planet ? Chinese people have literally Became Astronauts lol😂😂

Author — Harsh Verma


He can really mean when he says my dad is cool when he would be submitting his school projects 😂 lucky child. Take care everyone😊

Author — S S


I don't know if we should be sad or happy to where we as humankind is going forward...

Author — Afsha


I hope the future is not like this in our mother earth.

Author — Macam2macam


This guy should be given a nobel prize in physiology and medicine. I want to be a dad like him. Inspiration.

Author — mangam samuel


In the future this guy makes millions selling his invention. When air pollution is very bad... 👈

Author — Ben Cheong