Thomas Cook A321-211 Powerful GO AROUND at Skiathos Airport | Low Aborted Landing [w/ ATC Comms ]

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Thomas Cook A321-211 Powerful GO AROUND at Skiathos Airport | Low Aborted Landing [w/ ATC Comms ] 5

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*Camera Used*
Canon Legria HF G-30

*Tripod Used*
Velbon DV-7000 with Manfrotto 502AH fluid video head

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
The plane done a go around
At 1:02

Author — Plane Spotter UK


Magnificent capture! And the ATC communication makes all the money! Biiiig like!

Author — 27scumpi


I was there that day when this Thomas Cook A321 did a go around due to the wind, i'am in the crowd, a great day.

Author — craig whitmore


Fabulous as always from others have said, having the ATC commentary really makes it!

Author — Mark Tomlinson


Very good video mate!
Has to be quiet special to see such a low Go-Around at Skiathos!

Author — pitrixplanespotting


That was amazing! I flew into Skiathos in July (G-TCDX) its funny because I had a go around at Stansted on the way back on G-TCDJ

Author — Lewis Dwyer


Top job mate!Better to go-around if in doubt.He certainly powered it away.Get the job done l say!Great😎👍!

Author — Melvyn Cox


This very beatiful approach Thank you good video 👍

Author — flight aviation


AWESOME catch! ATC adds a lot, big like!

Author — AirCat Aviation


Great catch! Awesome you got to visit Skiathos again!

Author — Erik Fotorny


The pilot was distracted by everyone taking photos.

Author — Miss Dog Lover


Amazing video, what scanner are you using??

Author — SpottedPlanes UK


imagine if you're just a tourist there, not an aviation geek/guy who knows anything aviation - and you see this aircraft about to touch down increase power and climbed instead.

Author — ckxrs


This runway is only 5, 341 feet long. No room for errors.

Author — Mike12522


I think I saw this plane while at the beach of Skopelos' Adrina Resort. Can you tell me when it was shot?

Author — Matevž Kramar


Hi, I’d like to discuss a business inquiry from BBTV in regards to your channel. Is there an e-mail address where I can reach you? Thanks!

Author — Chloe M


great catch!
Some time i need to go there too :D Maybe catch a Volotea 717 to get there.

Author — PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos


I thought thomas cook on.y had a 757 XD

Author — Nano P


that beautiful sound of an airliner going from near zero throttle to max. So erotic

Author — Captain Earls


Canon makes a badass camera. Well done

Author — Michael K