Tucker: Democrat voters don't really have a lot of choices

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Tucker: Democrat voters don't really have a lot of choices 5
Tucker uncovers the hypocrisy of 2020 Democrats: Bernie Sanders pushes for $15 minimum wage, Kamala Harris touts equal pay but their staffers argue otherwise. #Tucker #FoxNews

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You mean to tell me that Democrats don't practice what they preach?
imagine my shock

Author — wariodude128


Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are the only democrats I would support. Ironic how Fox gives them airtime and views them favorably yet CNN and MSNBC are trying to silence them for not being pro-establishment

Author — Mike C.


When australia looked into pay discrepancies they found men were underpaid. So by all means.

Author — Cobra_571


"Women who FEEL abused, who FEEL harrassed" They only have to FEEL these things for them to be true

Author — Jeremy Letourneau


Working in a fast food restaurant has never been considered a “lifetime occupation”, unless you’re management.

Author — Dan


Bernie got caught paying his own employees less than his 15$ pay

Author — TheTmcabral3


Petition for the squad to be sent to Venezuela for a week

Author — Cool Boi05


It doesn’t matter which of the 20 candidates runs, the left would vote for a rock with a D painted on it

Author — Bob Pants


Was the revving sound dubbed in at the end? That was kind of funny.

Author — SeriousName


Whenever I hear or see the word “California” my mind automatically switches it to “Commiefornia” and I throw up all over my glock :/

Author — Logophile


Anyone who is in our government or running for office should be America first

Author — Lupe Morales


5:44 "Today we announce the NYC Green New Deal... we're going to lead by example"
Gets into his SUV, lol

Author — George Henderson


Tucker is fast becoming my favourite social commentator. Always puts a big smile on my face 😄

Author — Stevie A


They're pretty much all the same, but they're so diverse.

Author — TallCoolDrink


I don't like Al Franken's politics, but do they ever stop and realize he never had his day in court? All it took were a few accusations to end him.

Author — Cappysailsagain


Best meme I saw: Bernie walks into a bar, “Fwee drinks fa evweone, whuze payen?”

Author — Patrick ESQ


The Democrat party lives in the realm of hypocrisy, they promote non-sense, this is the nice things I can say about them.

Author — Rick Fox


They can vote Trump: problem solved.

Author — Diy Jo


Tucker's analysis of the hypocrisy of the left is hilarious... the Democratic Party in 2019 is the laughing stock for all intellectuals it's just sad some of these people run are government.

Author — Trap Soul


typical socialist - claim to be for the people, but when they get in power suddenly the rules don't apply to them and all they want is more power

Author — Ed Fred