Tucker: Democrat voters don't really have a lot of choices

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Tucker: Democrat voters don't really have a lot of choices 5

Tucker uncovers the hypocrisy of 2020 Democrats: Bernie Sanders pushes for $15 minimum wage, Kamala Harris touts equal pay but their staffers argue otherwise. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Best meme I saw: Bernie walks into a bar, “Fwee drinks fa evweone, whuze payen?”

Author — Patrick ESQ


Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are the only democrats I would support. Ironic how Fox gives them airtime and views them favorably yet CNN and MSNBC are trying to silence them for not being pro-establishment

Author — Mike C.


Working in a fast food restaurant has never been considered a “lifetime occupation”, unless you’re management.

Author — Dan


When australia looked into pay discrepancies they found men were underpaid. So by all means.

Author — Cobra_571


"Women who FEEL abused, who FEEL harrassed" They only have to FEEL these things for them to be true

Author — Jeremy Letourneau


Bernie got caught paying his own employees less than his 15$ pay

Author — Storm Trooper


Tucker is fast becoming my favourite social commentator. Always puts a big smile on my face 😄

Author — Stevie A


Petition for the squad to be sent to Venezuela for a week

Author — Cool Boi05


It doesn’t matter which of the 20 candidates runs, the left would vote for a rock with a D painted on it

Author — Bob Pants


Whenever I hear or see the word “California” my mind automatically switches it to “Commiefornia” and I throw up all over my glock :/

Author — Logophile


Picking the least crazy one probably won't turn out well.

Author — algrundy


The Democrat party lives in the realm of hypocrisy, they promote non-sense, this is the nice things I can say about them.

Author — Rick Fox


Was the revving sound dubbed in at the end? That was kind of funny.

Author — SeriousName


5:44 "Today we announce the NYC Green New Deal... we're going to lead by example"
Gets into his SUV, lol

Author — George Henderson


They're pretty much all the same, but they're so diverse.

Author — TallCoolDrink


Bernie Panders sticking up for the workers?
This coming from a man who was kicked out of a hippie commune for being too lazy...

Author — The Mighty KC


Those engine revs when he entered the SUV 🤣🤣 lmao

Author — hostilityy


typical socialist - claim to be for the people, but when they get in power suddenly the rules don't apply to them and all they want is more power

Author — Ed Fred


They can vote Trump: problem solved.

Author — Diy Jo


Muscle car audio of engine revving when Mayor of New York is getting in his stock Chevy Tahoe/suburban at the end. 🤣

Author — Ian Flohr