2020 Skoda Superb Estate review – why it's the best estate on sale | What Car?

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2020 Skoda Superb Estate review – why it's the best estate on sale | What Car? 5

What makes a good estate car? Plenty of wannabes could learn a thing or two from the excellent Skoda Superb Estate. With a ridiculously roomy interior and comfortable road manners it's the finest example around. What else impresses? And what's the perfect spec if you do want to buy one? Watch to find out.

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I’m a private hire driver specialising in medium to long distance runs from single trip business people, to families travelling to the airport. My first Superb was 16 plate SEL exec 190 bhp diesel fully loaded with 19 inch wheels, racked up just under 230, 000 miles. My second Superb has around 150, 000 miles on it 150 bhp diesel 18 plate.
Observations I wouldn’t bother with 19” wheels and low profile tyres makes the ride harsh, and as the review said the car isn’t designed to be sporty
The 150 bhp Diesel engine still gives you plenty of go even fully laden and there’s no need for ad blue, the 180 feels much the same apart from top end roll on power at much higher speeds.
Adaptive cruise control is a must have, as is a DSG box, the driver modes are also good to have because you can really stiffen up the car when required.
The drivers seat gets a bit saggy at the 150k mark, the bi xenon headlights on dipped beam are rubbish and cut off far to early for acceptable motorway speeds so hopefully the new LED’s will resolve this one. The venting and air con are excellent, the visibility outstanding, and although the car is really long it’s dead easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces even in London traffic.
The engines are bullet proof, although EGR valves are prone to go if you idle the engine a lot, the heated screens cost a fortune to replace if you end up cracking them so use the adaptive cruise control to keep a safe distance from trucks etc on the motorway.
The space and comfort in these cars is immense nothing beats them, when I’m really busy I can be in the car for literally hours on an end and I wouldn’t swop it for anything comparable.
Finally in 380, 000 miles I’ve never broken down, it’s never failed to start, and it’s just a bloody great car!

Author — Andrew Shore


Isn't the volume dial on the steering wheel?

Author — David Middleton


3:00 The center display shortcut buttons are on the left side, because your steering wheel and and driver seat is on the wrong side 🙃✌🏻

Author — P Jay


It’s a big car, but doesn’t feel like it to drive. I’ve just switched from an Octavia to a Superb and it only feels a little bigger. With 4x4 and almost 280bhp it’s a right sleeper. Build quality is a step up as well.

Author — Shaun Sheppard


I’m in Australia & have the 2017 Sportline which came fully loaded! All the tech gear, sunroof, roof rails etc. It only misses on the full digital display/new centre console display. Honestly I wasn’t fussed. I could’ve bought the VW Passat with these additional features, but on price & inclusions this killed it. 2L, 206kw/276hp petrol engine. To say it’s not sporty is a personal observation. What I love about it is when the VW Gti owners pull alongside at the traffic lights & “attempt” to drag my sedate wagon off. They can’t! Not that I’m looking to take them on...😈🤭It handles brilliantly in 4WD guise & it’s just Superb!🤣 I had a Mercedes GLC prior to this & this & I traded it for the Skoda. Family & friends are amazed at the room inside as you pointed out is nothing short of limousine like. No regrets. 👍🏼

Author — Andrew D


No mention of the IV: why is that? IIRC it was released in 2019.

Author — Tim Jefferson


You can’t compare it with A4 and 3 series, more A6 and 5 series by size.

Author — Ivan Kase


You wrote 7 speed manual.. anyway, good review man!

Author — Vlad Victor


Valuable information, thanks. Spare wheel option was missing in review...

Author — Raimonds Toms


Take a shot every time he says "properly".

Author — Grady Parsons


Hurry up with the hybrid you plonkers. Good reviewer, he should do well, his vocab. goes beyond "super" and "nice".

Author — Chris Adams


I'd like one in Scout version. Who would need an Audi Allroad?

Author — blackcatsarenopussies


That is a right sleeper! It has the Golf R engine in a SKODA estate!!!!


Author — Will P


I had one, 2018/2019 top of the range, ticks all the boxes for passenger and load capacity, performance and economy, BUT because it is big inside it is pretty noisy I wasn’t convinced by build quality

Author — Mike Ball


At first i thought he is standing on green screen😂 but then

Author — Fun Time


I came from Asia and was impressed by the car when I was riding it as an Uber taxi in Europe. The quality feels like a luxury car.

Author — K onliner


people in the us getting these useless recommendations:
the wha?

Author — MEMED MAN


Really enjoying your reviews, especially the „how should you spec one“ part which sets you somewhat apart from carwow for that matter. Keep up the good work!
The Superb looks beautifully in that trim, only wish you had told me if I should

- avoid it,
- consider it,
- shortlist it,

Greetings from Germany!

Author — dunk k


It sounds loud in the cabin. It would be good if you routinely measured how loud the cabin noise is when travelling at motorway speeds.

Author — BODGE71


I’ve got 2017 superb sport line 2.0tdi, excellent car in every aspect. Love it.

Author — Joe Mengler