Why Didn't SCP 682 Attack SCP 053?

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Out of the thousands of anomalies in the Wiki, SCP 053's abilities are among the most surprising. The last thing one would expect from a little girl is to calm down one of the most aggressive monsters in the foundation, SCP 682. But why didn't the hard to destroy reptile attack 053, given its absolute hatred towards humanity? In this SCP Exploration episode, we try to answer this question.

This concludes our" Why didn't SCP 682 attack SCP 053" video. So do you agree, Is the girl a manifestation of death, or does the lizard simply admire her properties? Let us know in the comments below. Please leave a like if you enjoyed this video, and subscribe if you enjoy this type of content, as we will be answering many more interesting SCP-related questions like this one in the future. And as always, we'll see you in the next video.

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Ah yes, the children of the scarlet king:
- -A girl- Death
-Slimy boi
- *_F o r b I d d e n l i z a r d_*
-the other 4

Author — Gavin Merasty


I found the fact that he let her draw on him with her crayons so adorable

Author — Dankster6824


053: *about to cry*

Author — Patrick Dees


053 does not hate people. The reason it took so long to find out about her and capture her is that she avoided people whenever possible to avoid them getting hurt. She is not hostile.

Author — Evan Dugas


As yes this is just an instance of a ten year old in Pokemon catching a 100 level Pokemon.

Author — Bhim limbu


682: "when i get ahold of a human, i will kill it in the most horrific way possible"
053: *exists*
682: "ok i like you".

Author — noobslayer 2000


*" Throw the lizard at it"*
-Dr. Bright

Author — •*_Princess plays Roblox_*•


One of the reasons is actually that he knew she was a hated thing, like him

Author — Maysen Ocotzi


I have a simpler theory: 053's ability affects 682 in reverse. She makes normal people incredibly hostile towards her, possibly by somehow reversing the natural human instinct to protect children. Point is, she causes a very powerful anomalous change in disposition.

However 682 is already hostile towards all life by default, including kids. Since 053's ability can't possibly turn 682 more hostile than it already is by its nature, the effect reverses and turns it very docile and friendly instead. Put another way, perhaps 682's mindset is so alien that turning friendly is actually the direct equivalent of homicidal insanity for its species?

Author — Fervidor


053: Exist
682: ....MOST OF LIFE

Author — Ro321chile


SCP 682 to 053:
*I sleep.*

SCP 682 to 999:
*I sleep.*

SCP 682 to Class-D:
*R E A L S H I T.*

Author — Sunny


SCP 682: I will never find happinesses

SCP girl walks in

SCP 682: ....maybe

Author — Julian Thomas


The best part is that 682 breached shortly after meeting her, and yelled at the researchers asking if they ever hurt her. Afterwards 053 got scared which caused 682 to calm down and bring her to bed, where he guarded her for the rest of the experiment

Author — AttackDoge


Emo immortal lizard: I hate all life
Girl with daddy issues: exists
Emo immortal lizard: nuff said

Author — Kaze ༻


SCP: this girl kills victim with heart attack
Girl: hahahahaha yes i am kira

Author — MR. imposter


Narrator: “Do you think SCP-053 is a manifestation of death?”
SCP-682: “...I am *HER* steed.”
Me: confirmation right there!

Author — The variety channel


SCP 682: I fear no SCP but that THING...it scares me
Statue man: what did I do?

Author — Swag Master


so SCP 999, 079 and 053 are pretty much the only friends of 682? damn

Author — Rukia Kizu


Scp 682 :I don't like any human
Also 682 : I love this small bean
Scp 053 : thinks 682 is a pet

Author — ash afton


Before I watch this video, I'm going to give my theory, and hopefully it's mentioned in the video:

053 induces a rage state in others that causes them to attack her _and then_ die from cardiac arrest. 682 adapts to any harm that another SCP may do to him, even when that harm hasn't been fatal. While a heart attack may not kill the reptile, he'd still probably rather not have one.

So he adapts to her by doing the _opposite_ of what she's meant to make people do: becoming calm around her.

Edit: Ok, that's pretty much the first theory in the video.

Author — Autumn