Top 10 AMAZING Street Performers Musicians Piano (2017)

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Top 10 AMAZING Street Performers Musicians Piano (2017) 4.5

The most amazing street piano players! Incredible street performers playing piano!

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10. Street Piano: Pirates of the Caribbean
9. Spontaneous Jazz duet on Street Piano in Paris #1
8. Street piano in Milan with policemen
7. Piano prodigy kid performing on "Session street"
6. Incredible Boy Plays Street Piano in New Orleans
5. Workman Stuns Audience With His Piano Skills
4. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
3. Play Me I´m Yours! Canary Wharf Street Piano
2. Playing piano on the street amazing HD
1. Natalie: Iconic Melbourne Piano Street Performer.

💬 Comments on the video

Music is one of the most precious gifts humanity has.

Author — D3ft0ne


Their friend: Can you play the piano with your feet.


Author — Gabriel P.


When you realise you're just watching a video of a video...

Author — Aman Sagoo


Love it when 2 randoms get together and play. Just goes to show music is the most universal language. :)

Author — Yukie From Oz


The old lady at the end... beautiful!
A lifetime of practicing, now fighting a losing battle against time and deteriorating body...
for 1 minute and 20 seconds of sheer perfection... *Worth it!*

Author — MasterSandman


I'll never understand how people just walk by and ignore these things.

Author — Bellal Azimi


Old lady still plays by my house in melbourne, shes amazing!

Author — concouscous


4:10 sounds like a Jaz version of "If You Want Me To Stay" by Sly Stone

Author — Bill5298


the old lady plays like she's the boss.
What's the song name, gave me shivers.

Author — cucubau


I liked the second one, the Jazz duet where they rotate positions. That was awesome.

Author — Gold Wolf


the second one (nine) makes me so happy

Author — Nathalia


This video told me on 20 different languages that I am talentless

Author — Alinda Mirzanli


Good to see my boy Brendan in here. His boogie woogie skills are amazing

Author — rando garbo


The beautiful lady who played at the end only proves that music is ageless, and special, and holds the attention of all ages. She as well as her music are priceless. She has touch lives for eternity, and the sad thing is, no one may have told her she has reached so many.

Author — April Baxter


The old lady. God Bless her! Such an amazing performance. I cried...

Author — Lhenz Lim


9:18 How dare that woman try to plug her ears to a kid playing amazing piano on the streets?!

Author — Huban


Number 8 in Milan just sounded like a load of noise to me. Might have been the audio quality but I just couldn’t get into the feel of it.

Author — Freya Tc


The last one, I'll bring her home. oh lord, my heart cant take it :")

Author — Farras AM


I’ve seen the the old lady at the end, she plays in the city centre in Melbourne, she is phenomenal. Watched her for about 40 mins and I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She’s riddled with arthritis and got a serious hunch back but doesn’t stop her from playing like a boss plus I think most of the music she plays is hers she’s Amazing!!

Author — Audrey Chevallier


I teared up for the old lady. She deserves a stage and her due respect!

Author — Tell Me More About it