Leather Carving Tutorial - Viking Style

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Leather Carving Tutorial - Viking Style 5

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A beginners leather carving tutorial done with Viking style serpent knotwork. This obviously translates easily to celtic knots and is a good first step in learning to tool / carve leather.

Magnus shows you the tools needed, and takes you through the process from start to finish.


I've been carving leather for a while, sticking to knotwork for most of my projects, this specific carving will be used on a book cover.

It's the first video with my new Canon 80d setup, and I'm really enjoying the difference in quality, I hope you do too.


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Richard / Magnus
Leatherworker, Prop Builder, Costumer, Armourer.

Richard has been working in Vancouver Canada as a leatherworker for some time, and has been adding his skills to various film projects in the area as a prop and costume builder.

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If you are just seeing this video for the first time, where did it get pushed to you? This video is suddenly skyrocketing for some reason and I’m curious. Thanks!

Author — Dark Horse Workshop


"An eraser in case you don't know how to use a pencil" lol!

Author — Matthew Clay


Finally, someone that shows how to do and tell what they are doing when it comes to carving and tooling!! THANK YOU! Thumbs up! I think I have learned more just from watching this one video than I have from all the others that I've watched on here! Can't wait to try this out tomorrow.

Author — Terry C.


I love that design. Artistry in leather it’s something I really admire. That and engraving on firearms. Thanks for the video I truly enjoyed it👍🏻

Author — FlamQ Dbltap


Last done leather work as a teenager, I'm now fifty. I think you've just inspired me to revisit an old hobby. Skål. Takk.

Author — Bwana Sibu


i need two erasers because i REALLY dont know how to use a pencil! :)

Author — Ryan McEwen


"and an eraser in case you dont know how to use a pencil"😂😂 that was beautiful

Author — Jane Cate Irungu


"and an eraser in case you don't know how to use a pencil" I'm sobbing, , you've got yourself a new subscriber sir

Author — rainymaes


yeah, casing the leather saves time in the long run for big pieces

Author — MyrnNecromanson


Can we just talk about this dude's voice for a moment? Fecking hell.... If I had a voice like that I'd be doing all the voice overs...

Author — Ricky


YES!!! Your videos are perfect . You don't talk to much, you're not annoying or cheesy. Thank you for a wonderful video!! 👍👍👍👌

Author — InDebt coreysnider


This guys voice.
He should be narrating movie trailers Jesus

Author — Yash Nanda


Thank you so much for this video. Getting ready to do a purse for my wife and it's been a couple of years since I did any carving. This was exactly what I was looking for to help get me through the process.

Author — Bryan and Paula Diezman


Love seeing how this is done and learning about the tools n techniques. Thanks for your video. Really nice work

Author — CulturalCompass


I've started adding any links I could find for items used in my videos to the description. Full disclosure is that any purchases help this channel out directly through those links. Thanks for watching!

Author — Dark Horse Workshop


I need to learn how to make this, but with Aztec patterns

Author — El Catrin C


Have you ever seen a "Speed Beveler" It fits in your swivel knife - you may like it for the outside snake bevel.

Author — HonestDoubter


Excellent video! You've got a nice teaching style and your talent shows through in your finished product. I'm excited to practice your suggestions. Thanks!

Author — Brookelyn Huggins


love that bass...whatever you do I would be listening to this voice indefinitely... I was curious about the way you work with leather :P

Author — Nadia Nazarova


"In case you don't know how to use a pencil" hehe

Author — SharpieItBlack