India and Sri Lanka's violent fight over fish

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India and Sri Lanka's violent fight over fish 5

How a maritime border created a conflict in the Indian Ocean.

Fishing is the economic lifeline for villages in northern Sri Lanka. But after a decades long civil war, fishermen returned to find their fish stocks depleted – and they pointed the finger squarely at neighboring India. 

As Indian fishermen developed methods to increase hauls, and crossed a maritime border that was more permeable during the war, they depleted the fish stock for both sides. 

Now, the Sri Lankan Navy is retaliating with force, only making the relationship between the two communities that rely on these waters worse. 

This Vox Borders episode will look at how the drawing of a maritime border and lack of access to fish caused a conflict between two communities that used to live in harmony.

Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations.

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Hey everyone, I hope you liked this third episode of Borders India. Two more to go! BTW the idea for this video came from the locals in India. I asked for story ideas and many of you told me to look into this issue. So thank you to everyone who suggested it! I would have never stumbled upon this otherwise.
See you next week!

Author — Johnny Harris


The real loser in this conflict is the sea life.

Author — KMAG YFAH


I live in India and doesn't even know about this situation, our Media doesn't focus on these problems. Thank you for making this video and help us aware of this

Author — Pamesh Kumar


As a Tamil Indian I was never aware of what goes on the other side. The local media always painted a different picture. I did not know the Sri Lankan fishermen's plight.
This vdo is real eye opener for me. Thank you.

Author — En Channel


This man said he got slapped and it took a week to recover 😂

Author — Eli King


Indian fisherman "this is the border"
S/L fisherman "yes"
Indian fisherman "can i steal your fish"
S/L fisherman "no"
Indian fisherman "i think yes"

Author — Rave


Idk what the Indian dude complaining about. My guy it's not your area, u legit have no right to complain about anything.

Author — katie Gonzalez


I'm an indian and I'm really impressed by the way how you guys bring up news which are very far from the Indian media itself. Seriously, kudos to u

Author — Anirudh


Thank you for educating a lot of us. Many of us Indians, especially me, considering I'm North Indian, never see this on national or international news. I don't see how the Indian Tamils are right. Illegal is illegal. Even the Sri Lankans want peace and want to get along. The government is the "musibat ka jaar" or root of the problem. They encouraged Indians to fish more and but they don't support the Southern communities there. They're forced to go into Sri Lankan waters. Sorry, Sri Lanka.

Author — col. yabhjd


Wow. Sri Lanka standing up to a powerful country just to back its people. The Philippines has to take note.

Anyway, I hope they'll meet in the middle. They can sign an agreement that specifically define what technology and methods will be allowed to be used in this water. After all, based on this video, I think they do identify with each other.

Author — Cj Ilustrisimo


Johnny uses the metric system when discussing the distance between the two countries.

That man will go far in life.

Author — Dom Thorrington


I strongly support Sri Lanka for taking back their territories

Author — Soukuso


They shoudnt destroy sri lankan sea eco system like they did to theirs.

And they shoudnt complain when they get arrested bcs of that

Author — Asiri Maduranga


Sri Lankan fishermen:
we got no boats
Sei Lankan Navy:
Dont worry we got you

Author — Edgar_Redilosa


Am from Karnataka
I think Indian fishermen should never crosd border

Author — sharan palan


As an indian, i can clearly see that India is in the wrong here, government should do something.people shouldn't cross other country's borders illegally in any case.

Author — ఫణిరాజ సునీల్


What about katchatheevu? This video is incomplete with katchatheevu.

Author — bharath bharath


People yelling about the sea
China : Hold my bear

Author — Akshat Dalton


India: fishes
Sri Lanka: fishes
The sea life: -_- stop

Author — Moh Qasem


I am from sri lanka. Johnny explained the situation better than our local news

Author — Cannot think of a Name