Entire Youtube Studio Setup ON ONE DESK!

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Entire Youtube Studio Setup ON ONE DESK! 5

0:00 - Introduction
1:02 - Why Build This?
1:56 - Parts List
5:02 - Build Guide
9:52 - Example Shots

Sony A6400 Camera

Canon M50 (Alternative camera option)

Sigma 16mm F1.4 E Mount Lens

Vesa Arm System (Main Unit)

Second Vesa Arm (For Audio)

Third Vesa Arm (Long Version for Lighting)

Tripod Screws

Tripod Extension Pole

Tripod Head

Microphone Arm

Rode VideoMicro

3.5mm Extension Cable

Optional Ball Mount for Mic

1x2 LED Light (FL-3060 or FL-1x2 LED Mat Light)
Looks like it is going in and out of stock. You can save a little by getting the daylight only model.

Ball Head for LED light


Camera Power Supply

CamLink HDMI USB Capture Card

Boling P1 LED Light

OBS Software - Great way to record your videos right to your computer:


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1:02 - Why Build This?
1:56 - Parts List
5:02 - Build Guide
9:52 - Example Shots

Author — DSLR Video Shooter


Great video thank you! Will be ordering everything right now.

Author — Eve The Medium


Great video! If I just want the light setup, am I buying the main arm and the light or do I need some adaptors as well?

Author — His And Her Money


One of the most amazing videos on setting up a YT recording setup. I have been searching for a tut detailing everything like this for quite some time. I just bought all the items you listed from your Amazon affiliate link...thank you for including all of those as well!

Author — City Prepping


Thanks for this video. Do you think that Rode mic is sufficient in 2020? I'm using the Sony A7RIII. And are you using the Rode in this video? Because your audio sounds great.

Author — Morning Invest


Love how concise your information is, the convenient time stamps, along with the overall concept of an affordable table setup for shooting videos! I wish this video had been up several years ago before I poured my money into gear that doesn't match my space as well as yours would.

Author — ReeC Sayz


amazing idea... "one stand to rule them all..."

Author — Rusdi Karsandi


Dude! You’re an absolute legend for this video! My buddy was talking about VESA to solve my problems and now seeing it work in real life has me sold. Amazing! Thank you 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

Author — Tom Medvedich


Hey, I am really curious about that monitor, it looks like you are using a 21" iMac with an external stand. What is it?

Author — Black Label Miniatures


WOW, I just have to say this is a wonderful video. I really liked the fact that you can move the camera around and get the different angels all without having to move the desk and such. I will be working on building a setup inspired by this video thanks and you rock!

Author — SoggyWaffles1984


Damn it. You gonna make me spend money watching this video

Author — Jimmy is Promo


This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. You sir, are a genius. Thanks for everything.

Author — Too Grizzly


One of the best setups I've seen. Usually when I see these I think there's no way I can get achieve this setup. I watched this video a couple times and realized it's totally doable. Will be building this out as soon as I get the parts. Thanks!

Author — Life Prescription


I just did this same setup but with a Sony ZV-1, works great.

Author — Johan Thepumpkin


Amazing, gonna do that setup while Corona business break and finally start youtubing! Ure one of the best and I appreciate your work!

Author — Melvin Raschke


This is crazy because i literally have everything in this video down to the camera and stands but never thought to use it for a youtube setup like this. Great tutorial man, keep grinding!

Author — Dréco Luciano


Based on your hair i would say the light source is way to close and to strong!

Author — IIISentorIII


You forgot something, ...

A big Green Screen!

Author — Jim Mckay


Best setup I've ever seen! (For those who might be wondering, VESA is a standard for mounting flat screen monitors, not a company name.)

Author — Eugene Brown Music


Having to set up every time might be what’s been holding me back from creating content.

Author — David Hughes