Gutfeld on the media and the virus

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Gutfeld on the media and the virus 5

Media pundits tear into President Trump's coronavirus briefings. #FoxNews

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My pillows Masks are MADE IN AMERICA
I’ll take that ANYDAY over made in china
Good job MY PILLOW, 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — D M


I don’t care if Mike Lindell was a drug addict. I care that he found the strength and faith to overcome it, and I care that he is willing to do more to help Americans than the entire leftist media has done all year.

It takes great courage and will to overcome drugs. It takes even more to acknowledge and accept your failures. God bless Mike Lindell.

Author — Jordan Breon


I’m so happy that they stood up for the “pillow guy” ... I didn’t know those things about him..Good for him! Thanks “pillow guy”🙏.

Author — Winter Fawn


I love “My Pillow” products. Their sheets and pillows are wonderful! Made in America, and they hire addicts who need a second chance.

Author — Catherine Engle


"People should be reading their Bibles, " and the demons start screeching.



my pillow guy is a christian patriot !!! he converted 75%% !!! of his factory to make cov19 masks god bless him and all patriots

Author — Bruce Edwards


If he said we should read the Qur'an then he'd be getting praise from the same people that criticize him for his Christian values.

Author — Chill Cosby


I like Mike Lindell and his morality, ethics and values. He is a good man.

Author — Stephen ABM


I'm actually going to go buy a mypillow now since now I know he gives glory to Christ.

Author — Cal Lopez


"Mr. Pillow" lmao. At lest hes doing something to help. I'm a pagan and proud to call him a fellow American.

Author — frank horvath


Mr. Lindel is a true patriot helping out the best way he can. What has the disgusting media done?

Author — Chyrle Allen


When you love someone you talk about them, this man is not a politician he is happy God changed his life and people are cutting him up?? grow up

Author — Peterthepiper


Media: "Reading the Bible BAD!"
Media: "Reading the Koran GOOD!"
Me: "Why?!"

Author — killboi207


Aw, come on and give the Liberals a break.
They are irritable because their Fetal Sacrifice Centers are temporarily closed.

Author — FLsheepdog1


"We were a little slow with the testing..." because the testing kits, provided by Beijing-approved companies, gave false positives 50% to 80% of the time. We needed time to get reliable testing kits.

Author — Jerry Mills


I will sleep well tonight, knowing my pillow is a MYPILLOW. ^^

Author — Raving Rando


Re: Jail, if you don't follow social distancing we'll lock you in a building with a bunch of people

Author — Brian Davis


At this point the democrats are breathing out lies.

Author — Chelsea Fletcher


If he said " my faith in Allah and reading the Koran makes me a better person" they would all be praising him.

Author — Jim Curram


The MSM hates the Bible; at the end of it the Devil loses.

Author — Dennis Vance