Toronto to Vancouver by train: VIA Rail's 'Canadian'

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Toronto to Vancouver by train: VIA Rail's 'Canadian' 5

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Did anyone randomly get this in their recommendation? 😳

Author — James Li


Man, 1.5 days just to get out of Ontario, sometimes I forget how huge our country is.

Author — Shawn Steinman


I took this trip in January 1965. Glad I bought a “one way” ticket. Once I arrived in Vancouver I knew that is where I wanted to live forever. May decide to do Vancouver-Toronto on my 100th birthday and fly back to Vancouver

Author — Marv Hounsell


I will never forget this trip... Almost two years ago I took this train from Toronto to Vancouver and it was simply amazing. Being in a single room, with no distractions, a heater, toilet, sink and my own bed made the trip so accommodating. Waking up in the middle of the night to the moon shining through the northern Ontario pine trees, knowing you’re in the middle of nowhere yet amongst others just makes it much more comforting.

I recommend this to everyone, you’ll spend 5 days on this train and you won’t regret a single moment. It will also make you appreciate this country a lot more, we have such a beautiful wilderness that’s still untouched and hopefully it will always stay that way.

Author — Brandonluco


Canada should invest into high-speed trains from coast-to-coast, seriously.

Author — Aman Jassal


Dont you agree
We have beautiful country

Love from Montreal Quebec:)

Author — Sam B


Thank you SO MUCH for not putting music or a voiceover on top of this awesome footage 💕

Author — anon anon


this guy got here in 16 minutes and 27 seconds that's crazy

Author — Hol' Up


I'd love to do this someday. I think VIA rails needs more advertising, because I didn't even know this was a thing. I guess it's a generational thing

Author — Dan S


I am so thankful to become a citizen of this great nation. Beautiful, stable, understanding, and rich country with one of the best health care system for every citizen equal, in the world.

Author — Tony Faxton


7 years ago I left my shitty car outside Union Station and bought a $71 train ticket out west. All I had was a backpack and some hope. As soon as I got on the train I spent 3 whole days in the skyline car with the other young solo travellers on the train. I got married out west and I just moved back to Ontario with my beautiful wife about to have our first child. If it wasn't for my frustration that day and my decision to say "fuck it" and just jump on a train headed for the other coast my life would be completely different.

The butterfly effect is cool...

Author — andreiiliescu1


Brunch 10:30 - 1:30
Brunching for three hours !
In train journey only eating can make time pass.

____ Random person via YouTube India via USA city tour on You tube

Author — Ashish Koul


Beautiful. How the hell did this come up on my feed, ? I have been talking about Toronto and Vancouver with friends recently, no Google search and this pops up? Microphone tapped I think.

Author — Free Think


This has been around for awhile. However, the cost is ridiculous so most people fly or wait until they retire to do it.

Author — PICKLE Marz


We did this trip two weeks ago! Absolutely amazing! We slept in the upper and lower berth in the corridor, ad it was fully acceptable. No worries..
But the food... fantastic! Imagine to cook that kind of meals when the kitchen is constatly moving.
Great movie, I experienced the trip all over again! Thanks...
And to those who are thinking of going... just do it! It is amazing! We came all the way from Sweden to do it, and we are already planning the next train experience.

Author — Michael Fogelström


1:47-- Is that the toilet?? If it is then you are literally riding in a bathroom for days at a time.

Author — 12weasel100


3:37 That looks just a little bit nicer than the Amtrak cheeseburger

Author — Michael Sheldon Reed


I live in Canada and I didn’t realize how beautiful it was

Author — Shinta Kikuchi


10:56 It really looks like a painting. So beautiful!

Author — Sadhguru Fan Club


it's like playing Red Dead Redemption where nothing happens

Author — JTTechie