7-Eleven Hot Food Taste Test

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7-Eleven Hot Food Taste Test 5

We rolled on down to our local 7-Eleven to find out what the best item on their (mostly) rolling hot food bar is! GMM #1436

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You guys need to go to Japan and try the food at 711.it's like a whole new world

Author — impossichannel


Link makes bad joke:
Crew awkwardly chuckles
Link sneezes:
Crew starts dying

Author — Evan Cabezas


Now we need a "Will it taquito?"

Author — TobiNightcore


Link: *laughs*
Suddenly goes silent, realising no one is repsonding.
Crew: *hesitantly laughing*

Author — Inji .A


*Me, an Aussie, questioning what a taquito is.*

Author — mxxnlight


"You can get a pizza anywhere that sells pizza."

Alright then, keep your secrets.

Author — loadedcouchpotato


10:28 okay youresoloud it’s time to make a “Rhett and Link doing things on this table for a specific number of minutes” video

Author — Lindi Johnson


You know they are best friends when they just share their meat logs with each other.

Author — Hugo Zhang


Link definitely has an attitude in this one lmao

Author — kolton bernhardt


Are we going to ignore the fact Rhett exposed links herps

Author — ТОТ Чувак щебень


4:40 when my girl comes over for the first time in a week

Author — satchel bledsoe


I just want link to know that he’s a super amazing guy.

Author — Brigett Burgess


When you are socially isolated due to the Coronavirus and craving a slurpy!!! 😪

Author — Beky with the good hair was here


7:01 - 7:05 biggest that’s what she said ever

Author — Caden Anatriello


Fyi i was a manager for 5 years. The wings are made by Tyson and the hotdogs are made by Oscar Myer... The wings come frozen and the ovens are always calibrated wrong. Every store has their own little trick to get them just right. Sometimes they just burn. As for the roller grill. Every store can bring in any of the flavors. Stores pick and choose what they think will sell. The "rule" is 4 4 4. 4 flavors, keep 4 on at a time, and don't let them sit past 4 hours rolling. Most stores are lazy and dont take old product off. Its easy to tell by looking if they are fresh. And if they are out of your fave it can take up to an hour to heat more. You can microwave them but they arnt the same.

Author — John root


"Oh it's hot!" ..."Remember when i said spicy "

Author — Hot Tamale


Rhett "why do we dump everything on the table, did u see al the things we did on this table..."

Author — Gerhard Scheepers


I genuinely want to hug these guys, their brotherhood seems so special.

Author — Frost - Actual


Never thought I would say this but, I'm kind of hungry for 7/11 food



I can feel my organs clogging with all the greasy goodness...

Author — ExtreamPie007