Titles and Essential Graphics Tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Titles and Essential Graphics Tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 5

Creating titles and graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro completely changed in April 2017. This tutorial shows you how to create new titles from scratch, use templates, and create your own custom text styles and templates.

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Thank you very much for the tutorial! I got a question though: how can I edit and save existing templates? I can't seem to find a way to do so :(

Author — slayniac


1:49 - Covering the Title Creator Tool
2:59 - Essential Graphics Panel
3:20 - Making New Text
10:25 - Saving Text Master Styles!
11:52 - Applying Saved Text Styles
12:34 - Using Templates
14:25 - Editing Templates in Effect Controls
15:15 - Creating your own Template

This helped a ton, as I’ll probably be doing a lot more title work for my podcast guests! Thank you for the video Phil 🙏😊

Author — Vertigoh Vision


Hello Phil, love the video. Your instructions were easy to understand and the video was very informative. I am hopping that you can help with my issue. In playback the text on my video becomes Blurry, Pixelated and turns Bold. It looks fine up until I hit the play button. I haven't found a solution so I decided to reach out to you after watching your tutorial.

Author — Taede


The intro is funny ! I was like: "But… NO… I don't HAVE THAT TITLE THING… Oh. You too!" Such a relief. Thanks so much !

Author — Petite Cassette


I've been using the Legacy Title for years and years. Finally making the switch to the Essential Graphics stuff. Very helpful video! I appreciate you taking the time to break it down for us.

Author — Michael Nguyen


Thank you so much. I made old text layers in a project and then pulled from that project to a new one. Worked great until Adobe did their newest update 2019 and I then got all sorts of dreaded error messages. Thanks for going over better workflow on how to make and use templates. Cheers!

Author — Laudan Kirk


Great tutorial. I was hanging on to a earlier 2017 version for a long time and recently took the plunge into 2019. I gotta say this new system sucks. While sure, its faster to do simple overlays, its missing half the features of the legacy titler. You mention inner stroke options are gone, but as are gradient fills. Adobe should never remove something unless they have a solution for everything it previously did. Currently the solution is make a title graphic in photoshop and import it to get looks no longer possible in premiere. Thanks adobe... Im going back to the earlier release.

Author — DCM


Thanks fill, I've been using the 'new title tool' ever since... I always refused to use the new text edittor.
after watching your video, I realize that the new tool is much better than what I've been working with all that time.

Author — Rensius


Thank you so much!! I wasn't sure what happened to the titles!! Great tutorial!

Author — Glorychild Productions


Hey Phil, I cant see the safe margins on my Premiere Pro CC 2019. How do I get to see them?

Author — Olosky The Brand


Great tutorials. Love them. How'd you get the Second title moving from right to left? I see the keyframes, etc. but didn't figure out how you reversed the motion.

Author — Josh Gloer


Thank you so much for making this video! I almost cried when I couldn't find the titles button!!!!

Author — DuckInYellow


thank you. thank you. thank you so much! I was going crazy! Every other tutorial was like "right click and then select "new item > title" "

Author — Alex Riemann


This really helped me alot when I was first learning premiere

Author — AgentPheComedy


Hey Phill, Great tutorial!.
I have a question. Can we create a master graphic template for the title and edit/change the shape object in master and can it reflect on others without changing the text content like in After Effects?

Author — Shiju Kattarkandy


I have pp2019 now, and whenever I click into the dialogue box and try to type something, neither the box, nor the cursor show up. I have no idea where I'm typing...IT's super frustrating... do you have any solution?

Author — Major Bálint


Great tutorial! Thanks! I have a question: how can I share the template as a file with my friends? We work on office computers so we can't necessarily use cc cloud and library. If I can just share the templates as project files as before, it would be great.

Author — Hangda Zhang


Imagine my surprise when I (I know, I know) decided to upgrade PP in the middle of a large project. Only to panic when I reopened it and realized my titles options was gone! Change is hard, but it's good. Than you so much for making this simple.

Author — Yolanda Johnson-Bryant


I was looking around as a crazy fool trying to figure out these things on my own! Big like and thank you for uploading such a video :D

Author — Stanislav Danilov


Haha the beginning is exactly how I felt looking for titles when I first updating. I've been hanging on to CC2015 for as long as I can.

Author — Frisket