Ella Fitzgerald - Flying Home

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Performer(s): « Ella Fitzgerald »
« Flying Home »
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Album : « 99 Hits : Ella Fitzgerald » by « Ella Fitzgerald »

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I love her music, she sings from her soul. I met her in person about 1981 in Caracas, Venezuela. She finished her show with my favourite song “All right you win”, I told her that song was and still it’s my favourite her song. I wept, when She sang that song. God bless her.

Author — Gladys Carreno


This put such a smile on my face…from the very first notes, to the last “rip”. 😄

Author — William A.R. May


Incomparable, no matter who invented scat. Ella owned it.

Author — paperpusherone


Should have had her cloned! Lucky we are to have these examples of her singing available to us digitally. Go Ella.

Author — shirley creazzo


Louis Armstrong may have invented scat singing, but Ella took into the stratosphere.

Author — jay1beaux


My dad Irv kluger is the drummer on this, , I was just listening to alot of things he was on..

Author — Jessica Marciel


There's another version of this on record, not live. Love both, prefer the other though. Ella though, "Horses, Horses, ...." Hee Hee. LOOOVE Her.

Author — tzazzy


So everything she sings here is improvised?? Wow.

Author — Emily Brown


Flying Home | Ella Fitzgerald | Swing | Scat |1945 

Author — djspencerduh


me vuelvo loca, hasta que no la cuadre no voy a ser una cantante de jazz.

Author — Chelo García


this is the song where Ella Fitzgerald invents scat singing. Historic.

Author — arthur kyriazis


why does YouTube think i've used this song after using Dean Martin's Sway as a soundtrack...?

Author — The X Generation


yeah but Louis, genius he was, did not invent scat, he just recorded it first, which for America means the same thing. If your found not guilty then by God you didn't do it.

Author — mrajczyk


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Author — jackieezy