I Bought a FAKE iPhone 11 and Apple Watch from Wish!!!

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I Bought a FAKE iPhone 11 and Apple Watch from Wish!!! 4.5

OMG, I bought apple products from wish. Its so funny to see what we unbox from wish. IIn today’s video I bought an iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 5 from Wish. This is a part 2 to my tech from wish video that you guys loved so much. I love buying fake tech from wish. It is always so interesting to see what we get. Was this a scam? Do you like wish? Let me know down in the comments below! IF you guys enjoy my wish videos please give it a HUGE thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next sarahgracesaturday!

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that "welcome" looks cheaper than my Nokia

1K likes thank you guys so much 🥺❤️

Author — シsophia


i can't even afford the “FAKE” iPhone 💀

Author — x h i n t h a n t


Who noticed soon as she brought out the phone, the camera on it was FAKE?! Because I did...

Author — Savannah Ferguson


Her: I cAn't BeliEVe yOu cAn mAke cAlLs oN thIs thInG!!??
Me: it's a phone i-

Author — Hailey Hardin


“I’m suprised it didn’t come with AirPods” im sorry... what?💀

Author — nobody u know


Sarah:buys a fake apple products

Me:I still can’t afford any of them😭

Author — Luna Rossi


Me: Watches video two minutes in
Pauses video
Now off to reading the comments

Author — kii kii


Her: the speaker quality is trash.

Me: um...sounds the same as usual..

Author — ItzJøz


Phone: Geniunely not that bad for 120$

Sarah: *DoO dOo PeE pEe*

Author — Beast_Rider 77


Does anyone else get so annoyed because her camera never focuses on the product so it is really hard to see the details

Author — Olivia Elizabeth


bruh why she keeps calling everything a "galaxy" that's the name of a goddamn phone series
micro USB: galaxy cable
Android: galaxy
camera app: galaxy camera
trying out the phone: trying out the galaxy

Author — Trtania


y’all like this girl 😂 she’s mad annoying

Author — Alexis Martinez


just started watching and i'm already annoyed

Author — sn 127


Amazon : Fluffy slime
Wish : Extra fluffy fruity smelling coconut smelling dog friendly cat friendly extra stretchy freaking slime

Author — Sumnima Koyee


is it rude if i say she kinda annoys me? NO DISRESPECT! just my personal opinion! Im not hating...at least i dont think i am??

Author — Steph Luise


Girl being sarcastic: I’ve wanted an iPhone my whole life

Me: I’ve wanted a phone my whole life, all my friends have a phone at I don’t
Also me: girl you to understand how lucky you are, there is people that are dying from hunger

Author — Steve Barber


She literally said "oh my gosh" For almost a thousand times 😂😂😂😂

Author — Thaha Events


she sounds so spoilt. some people would love to have these phones

Author — aliya hasan


The fact that she says “galaxy” instead of “samsung” bothers me soo much 😂

Author — alexandra ghimpu


Me:enjoying the video
Also me:getting annoyed steady hearing “my iPhone” and it’s not a actual iPhone

Author — Furious Daisi