Irene's Awesome Yak-52 Flight

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Flight in a Yak-52 over The Hunter Valley NSW Australia. Pilot Jamie Riddell

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#adventure flight

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💬 Comments

Love how she yawns after the landing like 'is that it?'

Author — Rick te Kronnie


She is never gonna forget that experience, and when her friends say I don't believe you... She can show them the video. A special thanks to the pilot too, great guy and dad. God Bless.

Author — Known2God


The joy in her eyes brought tears to my eyes. I know this happened awhile ago and she is older now, but I can say with absolute certainty that this experience is something this young lady shall never ever forget.

God Bless her and her

Author — Kit Bailey


You gave that girl an experience of a lifetime.

Author — UncleHank


She is so cute! her reactions are priceless!!

Author — Ferrell Tuerk


Yak 52 is the best Russian aircraft for this. Hello from Great Russia !!!

Author — Александр Паялов


Anyone who disliked this is a jealous person who wishes they were in a yak52

Author — Papa johns


Irene will remember this for along time, probably a kids dream to fly in the sky & look down at the earth and can't believe that she's doing this! when Irene gets older she'll probably tell her kids that she was in a Yak-52 Flight looking down and saw the house from up above! And her kids will probably tell all of their friends that their mother was flying in a plane and looking down!

Author — Felicia Smith


Just fantastic. It's lovely to see how much she enjoyed that.

Author — Clint Beck


Watching her smile made me smile, watching her yawn made me yawn haha.

Author — Chris Defender


This girl willingly agreed to do 2 barrel rolls hundreds of feet in the air while I can't even ride a rollercoaster without screaming so hard my lungs get sent straight to hell

Author — Aerofiles


That little girls reaction has just made my day.

Author — Stephen Smith

Author has been almost 6 years since Irene's ride. It would be fun to listen to her thoughts now.

Author — Wayne Taylor


i just found that video 6 years later to see that cuteness overdose, that girl had experience of her life, "that was really fun, thank you"... her words and smiles are priceless

Author — Ibrahim Al_menesy


She seems so happy. She got the thing I have always dreamed of!

Author — Nathan Brosh


You can see the expressions of pure joy on the girl's face. This is where future women pilots start.

Author — nemo227


She had so much fun, thank you for making her day.

Author — Greg Anderson


I hope you started her off on a life of loving flying!

Author — Tom Tucker


I didn't know you can smile, laugh and scream all at the same time 😁

Author — VMC Aviation Videos


Even my cold dead heart melts to see a child smile and laugh like that.

Author — 882952